Aries Characteristics

Aries Ascendant: Personality And Main Characteristics

Aries Personality Someone you wouldn’t mess with. Excellent kisser EXTREMELY lovable. addictive. An Aries is a person full of energy and.

In love, Aries is a very intense and passionate sign. For this reason, in the zodiac he is one of those who has very clear ideas. the arians are.

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The Aries personality is characterized by energy and vitality and is always related to the desire for adventure and extreme risk.

Characteristics of Aries, defects and virtues. (Zodiac) Generals of Aries: Aries has Mars as ruler. fire sign.

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Finally, Aries has some characteristics of other fire signs. For example, he quite often reveals his strong.

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Aries as a zodiac sign

Before discovering everything that concerns a particular Ascendant, the Aries Ascendant, let’s briefly review the specific characteristics of each zodiac sign: As mentioned, today we will see in detail the strengths, flaws and affinities in love of the Aries Ascendant. Energetic, lively and enterprising, Aries stands out in the Zodiac for his courage and passion. These aspects, however, can be enhanced or toned down depending on the zodiac sign with which it is combined.

Aries as a sign of the zodiac – Advertisement – Those born are of the sign of Aries from March 21 to April 20. In fact, anyone born under this zodiac sign is famous for their vitality, courage, and resourcefulness. However, the enthusiasm an Aries often shows about novelties and choices can turn into a sign of impulsiveness and naivety.

Added to this, the stubbornness that this sign uses to do anything runs the risk, on certain occasions, of becoming impatience. Finally, Aries has some characteristics of other fire signs. For example, he quite often reveals his strong competitiveness and in several cases he can also be short-tempered and aggressive, just like Leo and Sagittarius. Thus, the Aries rising is famous for his strong and determined nature, energetic and full of life that he employs under any circumstance.

Among his qualities one cannot fail to mention courage, mental pride, resourcefulness and self-confidence. We could say that the Aries ascendant is the opposite of the Libra ascendant. L ‘honesty, whether seen as positive or negative, is one of the main traits of his personality. That doesn’t mean that the Aries Ascendant doesn’t have flaws too. Extreme confidence in their own abilities can lead to strong self-centeredness and an inability to commit.

Obviously, all this can be enhanced or attenuated by the zodiacal sign with which the ascendant is combined. Like Sagittarius and Scorpio at first, Aries also tends to be prone to stories based mainly on physical attraction and short-term affairs with a high erotic charge. In fact, although Aries is a very sociable sign like his "brother" Leo, only brings a few people closer to his interiority.

Even in a serious relationship, the physical component is still very important for this sign. In the couple, you need a partner who knows how to understand and accept yours. Normally, it forms a very good combination with i Gemini, who are able to give it the freedom it needs, as well as the Aquarius.

This applies both to the true sign of the zodiac and precisely that to the upwards. In the case of Aries, it can be said that it gives the natives quite good and resistant health, but it can be affected by some disorders related to the excessive impulsiveness of the sign. For example, cases of inflammation, headache, insomnia and other stress-related ailments. However, in general, Aries ascendants have good shooting skills, managing to heal and return to form in a short time.

Thus, we have prepared a brief summary of all possible relationships. Battering ram: An Aries person with an Aries ascendant can see the main characteristics of his personality increased or attenuated. In general, extreme self-confidence and bravery are noted. There is no time to hesitate, this native always feels the need to take matters into his own hands. Endowed with a lot of charm, an Aries rising is extremely passionate, but beware of impulsiveness and arrogance.

This combination, then, turns out to be positive because the fire sign’s impulsiveness is mitigated by reflexivity than the Earth sign. In love, the propensity to love stable relationships typical of Taurus tends to prevail, but Aries gives it an extra touch of passion. He does not tolerate criticism and conditioning very well, which is why he loves working alone and traveling around the world without restrictions. The same thing happens with life as a couple: before submitting to the needs of another person, you have to really fall in love.

In love you show unparalleled passion, but sometimes you sin jealousy and extreme possessiveness. Virgin: A Virgo person with an Aries ascendant sees two characters mixed almost opposite in a single personality. All this can lead to success at work. Endowed with great charm, vitality, and artistic propensity, these guys certainly know how to be appreciated. Libra’s diplomacy tempers Aries’ bluntness somewhat. Sweetness and passion are mixed in the life of a couple. Scorpio: a personality far from simple that of the Scorpio with Aries ascendant.

These people are many brave and life-loving, refractory to norms and criticism, so much so that they prefer self-employment. Manually travel and discover the world, they do not tolerate too close ties. Her courage and positive soul lead her to achieve success both at work and in love. Capricorn: If you are a Capricorn with an Aries rising, you are surely famous for yours. Workaholic and stubborn, you are always able to accept new challenges and carry them out without problems.

Just try to keep your stubborn side at bay, which sometimes tends to prevail. Aquarius: with an Aries rising Aquarius you never get bored. Your personality is lively, energetic Very friendly towards those around you and always Ready to learn something new to escape the banalities of routine. From the point of view of relationships, friendships prevail, while in love there are some difficulties due to unpredictability and the independence of the two signs with respect to too close ties.

Pesci: an unexpected combination between Pisces and Aries rising. The novel and L ‘extreme sensitivity of the Water sign are mixed with passion and inventiveness than that of the Fire. Article Source Alfeminile.

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