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Download this vector: Drawing of aries zodiac illustration. Other Designs. Zodiac signs: VIRGO. Apr – Tattoos for Women about the Signs.

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Another alternative is the designs of arrows and daggers, because the Aries know very well where they are going. TAURUS – April 21 to May 20.

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Aries horoscope tattoos. Were you born between March 21 and April 20? If so, your sign is Aries and the Stars.

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What kind of tattoo to get according to your zodiac sign? Of course, with such a cover letter, a tattoo worthy of an Aries.

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Gallery of ideas Meaning of horoscope tattoos For many people, constellations are a good way to represent the signs in tattoos. Each one represents each of the zodiac signs.

In this way, a certain sign is attributed to people born within the time of year, depending on the period. According to these beliefs, all those who were born under the same zodiac sign have common characteristics and traits within their personality that distinguish and identify them.

Zodiac sign tattoos Since ancient times, humanity has been very interested in the study of stars and celestial bodies. As well as, of the influence they exerted on human beings. Therefore, it is understandable that today it has become a very strong trend in tattoos. Thus, it is presented as a set of constellations that surround the Earth. In turn, each zodiac sign is closely linked to a specific animal.

For this reason, many choose the figure of the animal as the design of their tattoo, to refer to their zodiac sign. If so, your sign is Aries and the stars that guide you are Mars and Pluto. Everything they undertake, they carry out with great vitality, enthusiasm and passion. So, if you want to highlight these positive characteristics, you can choose to capture the symbol of the astrological zodiac on your skin, which in this case would be the ram.

At the same time, some decide to make the peculiarities of this sign less pleasant, such as their impulsiveness. For this reason, there are many who end up getting snatched and poorly planned tattoos.

This reveals, typical of Aries, their inability to remain calm. Taurus horoscope tattoos Proceeding in the calendar, for those born between April 21 and May 20 their sign is Taurus and their animal is the Bull. Any image that has to do with love or alludes to passion is perfect for bullfighting. Therefore, if your birthday falls between May 21 and June 20, you should consider them.

Its element by nature is air, so many choose, instead, a badge that mentions it. In general, all this leads them to be affectionate, supportive and kind. Leo horoscope tattoos The lion as the favorite animal for this sign of fire, is one of the best representations in tattoos.

If you were born between July 23 and August 22, your star is the sun. For this reason, many also choose this element as a tattoo to allude to their zodiac sign. For the most part, Leos tend to be great leaders within their social groups, but are sometimes somewhat dominant, authoritarian, and not very tolerant. Virgo horoscope tattoos Virgo tattoos are often confused with religious tattoos, as their zodiac symbol is a virgin.

Responding to the characteristics of Virgo, surely, when choosing your horoscope tattoo, analyze the decision very well and pay attention to all the details of the design. This is because, they are characterized by being overly methodical, organized and responsible people. However, this can reach an extreme where they are difficult to conform to, always being open to criticism and excessive observation.

Scorpio horoscope tattoos As its name indicates, the animal of this sign is the scorpion. Her figure is really very attractive and perfect for all kinds of tattoos. This image shows a design of the scorpio symbol accompanied by colorful flowers. This combination highlights the intensity of a sentimental personality.

Although at first glance it looks like a simple tattoo, it has some charming details. First of all, its location is very particular. Secondly, the symbol ends up simulating the tail of the scorpion, in such a way that it seems that the animal is perfectly hidden in the drawing. Sagittarius horoscope tattoos Free, positive and honest. These are the three adjectives that best describe Sagittarius people.

With this you can better understand some very expressive horoscope tattoo designs, where a woman or a man looks like throwing an arrow with impetus. Capricorn horoscope tattoos The horned goat is a symbol that, in its tattoo version, looks like a strong image and, in most cases, has large dimensions.

Generally, they are usually people with a great sense of responsibility and discipline. Although sometimes, this leads them to lose optimism, and they fall into the negativism of reality. Large in size, this tattoo brings out many personality traits typical of this sign. At the same time that its placement on the arm allows it to look amazing and completely.

This somewhat feminine image has the perfect details to convey the delicacy of a typical Capricorn woman. Aquarius horoscope tattoos In the horoscope, Aquarius is recognized as the bearer of water. If your birthday is between January 20 and February 19, then you define yourself as a very creative person, who has managed to stand out for his originality and style.

This sign runs from February 20 to March 20 and its element is clearly water. However, as negative traits, it can be said that sometimes they tend to be somewhat messy, lazy and have a hard time making decisions.

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