Arm Exercise With Garters

Exercises With Leagues To Do At Home And Strengthen Your Body

Stand up and step on the elastic band with your feet in the center.

Instructions for resistance training exercises with This exercise can be performed one arm at a time or both arms at the same time.

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Take the rubber at both ends with your palms facing inward.

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Keeping your back straight, raise your.

Exercises with rubber bands to do at home and strengthen your body | Granvita

Lower them to the starting position.


Do a routine of 3 or 4 exercises with rubber bands per area of ​​the body, perform 2 to 5 series of between 8 and 25 repetitions per exercise. Determine the amount according to your physical level and resistance. Take this advice into account for all the exercises that we tell you below. Exercises with bands for arms Perform these exercises to increase the strength of your upper extremities. Position one foot in front of the other and hold the garter with the sole. With your arms extended and palms up, hold both ends of the garter with your hands in front of your thigh.

Without moving the biceps or triceps, close to your trunk, contract your wrists towards your chest at medium speed, hold them for a few seconds and then slowly return them to the starting position. Triceps Extensions Eliminate the flaccidity of your arms with this series of exercises. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and place the garter under your heels.

Pull the garter up, fully extend your arms, hands above your head, stay in that position for 2 seconds and then slowly return to the starting position. Standing with your legs open at shoulder height, place a short garter above your knees. put your hands on your waist. Raise your right leg out to your side at the level of your left knee.

Do the same with the left leg. Standing, feet together, put the short garter above your knees. Go down as if you were doing a squat and your hands together bring them to the front. Then return to the starting position. Do the same movement, but with the other leg. Do this move for as many reps as you like, then do it with the other leg. Now yes, you already know about exercises with leagues to start your routines, put on your sports clothes and do physical activity.