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Artemis Fowl Movie Premieres Exclusively Disney+ June 12

Adaptation of the book by Eoin Colfer. Artemis Fowl is a young Irishman descended from a long line of intellectual criminals. Artemis kidnaps Holly Short, a fairy, with the intention of asking for a ransom that will allow him to save his father. A.

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Disney + brings to TV a million-dollar movie that was going to be one of the great summer premieres in theaters.

Actors and actresses ; Ferdia Shaw. Character: Artemis Fowl II ; Colin Farrell. Character: Artemis Fowl I ; Lara McDonnell. Character: Captain Holly Short ; judi.

Cast[edit] Ferdia Shaw as Artemis Fowl Jr. Lara McDonnell as Holly Short. Colin Farrell as Artemis Fowl Sr. Judi Dench as.


The story of ‘Artemis Fowl’ is that of a 12-year-old boy who is about to seize power from the underworld. What he still doesn’t know is.

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A nonsense of bad copies piled up in a meaningless script and a lousy interpretation of the book saga. Artemis Fowl smells like a saga, like the books on which it is inspired. Unfortunately, the mouse factory once again destroys the rights of a literary saga, as it did with "A Fold in Time".

Seeing that the director is responsible for other nonsense such as the first "Thor" or the real version of "Cinderella", expectations were low before facing the film. Millions of dollars were at his disposal.

But something that didn’t seem possible happened: the movie is worse than the trailer, worse than expectations and worse than imagined. I haven’t read the Eoin Colfer books, but I highly doubt the film is true to the original story. The film was scheduled to be released in theaters, but the Coronavirus has forced the direct premiere on the Disney Plus platform.

Someone should prohibit Disney from bringing literary adaptations to the big screen, since we are talking about juvenile sagas, for the most part, that have been very successful among young readers.

In the movie, he’s kind of a hero who saves his father and the planet earth from a shady villain. First serious mistake of the film. Of Colin Farrell better not talk. The second serious error of the feature film is to let the seams be seen when copying other productions. The "I need my suit" line screeches in such a way that it turns the title role into a bad joke.

It doesn’t help either that the actor who plays Artemis jr. They talk about magic with their mouths full, but when it comes to watching the film, the magic that animated films usually have is conspicuous by its absence. There is no magic, there is no charisma and there is no meaningful direction. We are making progress. And by the way, it does not entertain.

Not adults, not youngsters, not infants, not even the bored cat in the window. You can find a use for Artemis Fowl, forcing her to watch as cruel punishment for some mischief. Share this:.