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Arturo Peniche Still Distanced From His Wife: "She Hurt Me Too"

Arturo Delgadillo Peniche is a Mexican actor and singer. He is the brother of actress Alejandra Peniche and actor Flavio Peniche.

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Arturo Peniche reveals that he does not return with the mother of his children. A year after having confessed that he had separated from his wife Gaby Ortiz.

He has been married to Gaby Ortiz de Peniche for 37 years, and their two children, Brandon Peniche and Khiabet Peniche, have followed in his footsteps in acting. References[edit].

Brandon Arturo Delgadillo Ortiz (Mexico City, Mexico, August 3) is an actor and television host known as Brandon Peniche. Is son.

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In September of last year and after almost four decades of marriage, Arturo Peniche and his wife Gaby Ortiz separated.

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Arturo Peniche’s daughter talks about the separation of her parents and comes out in defense of Sharis Cid