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How old is Maisie Williams?? Google Searches Soar

Arya, the evolution of a character and the change of an actress who was Arya Stark, ending up in the hands of "The Dog", traveling to Braavos.

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Maisie Williams, the actress who plays Arya Stark, acknowledged that she did not like the end of her character.

The actress gave life to Arya Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’. In the movie ‘The Intruders’ she gives life to Mary. ▻ europe

The character that the actress demonstrates playing the independent Arya Stark in the HBO series Game of Thrones. And, apparently, this could become.

How old is Maisie Williams?? Google searches skyrocket | CNN

Maisie Williams referred in the instance to the character that boosted her career: "I’m definitely going to miss putting myself in her shoes.

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(GOT) Arya Stark – Her full story