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Your birth chart (or birth chart) is a powerful tool to improve your self-knowledge. With this personalized interpretation of your birth chart you will be able to.

Astrological charts, or zodiac signs, are used to predict a person’s personality traits. However, the use of astrological charts.

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What is and where to calculate my birth chart for free · The meaning of the symbols in the birth chart · Solar, Lunar and Ascendant signs: the.

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The astrological chart is one of the stars, seen from Earth, in the.

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What are the 12 houses in a birth chart?

The map shows the innate emotional, physical and energetic tendencies, and the way we face and solve everyday challenges. The astral chart is an image of the stars, seen from Earth, at the very moment of birth. It’s about our individuality. The way we see the various aspects of life, how we see ourselves, how we communicate and relate to each other.

Today, we know that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and not the other way around as was believed in the past, but, for Astrology, the Earth remains in the center of the map and, for this reason, it is not represented there. For this reason, our planet is still represented in the center of the map or chart. Earth is the center of the map. Planets, positioned in certain degrees of the zodiacal signs and the Houses.

Aspects formed between the planets and reflecting how they relate to the chart, which can be favorable, positive or challenging. When the planets visit a House, they illuminate that part of the map and energize that House. The positioning of the planets reveals the behaviors. The way you face and react to life events. In the birth chart, the planets are represented in the Houses and by the signs. The positioning of the planets on the map corresponds to the movement in degrees, minutes and seconds that each of the planets occupied at the exact moment you were born.

One degree corresponds to 60 minutes and one minute to 60 seconds. The Position of the 12 signs On the map wheel there are 12 signs. The Position of the Rising Sign The time of birth is essential information to calculate the birth chart. This is because it is the moment of birth that marks the Ascendant or ascensional sign, and this is the beginning of the counting of the Houses. When the hour and minutes of birth are unknown, it is not possible to accurately mark the 12 Houses on the map some astrologers make adjustments when the time to produce the chart is unknown.

The study of the map is reduced to very generic data. In the birth chart, the planets are placed in a House and in a sign. For example, having Mars in Capricorn in the 10th House means that the potential of Mars uses the energy of Capricorn to express itself in career and in the way one deals with professional success. Thus: The Signs represent characteristics of the personality. The Planets represent strength, highlighted energy.

These are called fictitious points, points that do not physically exist, have no matter, and are calculated relative to the positioning of other elements. These include the Fortune and the Lunar Nodes. Fortune – synthesizes the position of the Sun sign, the Moon sign and the Rising sign. Lunar Nodes – consist of the axis formed by the intersection of the orbits of the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth.

You can make your birth chart using a competent astrologer or through the tools that exist online.

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