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Number of Members: 8 guys. Debut: Korea: October 24 Japan: December 04 Official Fanclub Name: ATINY. Why "ATINY"?

Made up of 8 members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung and Jongho. Under KQ Entertainment, they debuted on October 24.

What I’m learning from ateez: There are 8 members, but before there were 9 Hongjoong is the leader Atiny is his fandom, well I already knew that a thousand years ago.

Fans at an Ateez concert in London / Ollie Millington (Getty a K-Pop girl band made up of four members willing to.

ATEEZ: The new generation of K-Pop – Kland México

Its eight members: Seong Hwa, Hong Joong, Yun Ho, Yeo Sang, San, Min Gi, Woo Young and Jong Ho, and the one that represents them: KQ Entertainment.

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ATEEZ is still modest in the wake of all the success and demand, but maybe it’s because they don’t really know how it happened. They posted a series of dance covers on their agency KQ Entertainment’s YouTube channel, which laid the foundation for their identity, though no one knew what it would lead to at the time. A theme that resonates in their art today, as much of ATEEZ’s appeal lies in the mysteries surrounding their fictional identities.

ATEEZ seems to be on the right track. They’re confident, they have phenomenal stage presence, and they’ve developed a hard-hitting signature sound and fit together perfectly as a team. They move like clockwork, perfectly in each piece of choreography and their facial expressions are amazing. Does not focus on sexual or visual appeal.

With the help of their label mate and main producer on their records, EDEN, ATEEZ mixes hip-hop, trap, dubstep and pop to present a sound that is purely their own. Including styles from the Orient, they seem to have understood how to create a strong singular identity without sacrificing creativity and variety.

Most of ATEEZ’s lyrics are motivational and revolve around teamwork, success, togetherness, and trust. Their lead singles tend to be anthemic and incite a sense of euphoria in their audiences. HongJoong and Mingi are credited as songwriters for almost all of ATEEZ’s songs and explain that their lyrics focus on themes that they and their fans believe in.

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