Avocado Leaf Tea

What is the purpose avocado leaf tea?

The infusion of.

If you have a cough, you might consider drinking an infusion or tea made from avocado leaves. To do this, you only have to wash five.

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The avocado leaf infusion caused a reduction in body weight in laboratory tests, which scientists believe was due to the.

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Avocado leaves have a large amount of vitamin C, which favors to counteract colds, flu and bronchitis.

What is the purpose avocado leaf tea? – All about medications

Avocado leaves have important benefits that they give to our body, since with their many minerals and vitamins that they offer, they can be good.

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Benefits of avocado leaf tea It is an excellent ally in stomach upsets, having a cup of tea helps improve digestion and the proper functioning of the intestinal tract. against hypertension. For varicose veins Another of the healing properties of the avocado leaf is that it is effective against varicose veins.

Preparation: Chop about 10 avocado leaves and 2 camphor sticks. Place them in a glass jar with alcohol. Let them rest for 5 days in a very dark place. And once these five days have passed, apply this preparation on the varicose veins, while gently massaging. To do this, take an infusion or tea of ‚Äč‚Äčavocado leaves, which you can also add cinnamon to make it taste better.

Wash five avocado leaves and place them in a container with water, let them boil for three minutes. It is recommended to drink two or three times a day. Have the information instantly on your cell phone.

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