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The women wore the huipil and quechquemitl, a camisole, a skirt underneath, and a mantilla, respectively. Pigments to dye fabrics.

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It is thought that Aztec women wore two main types of clothing, the lower part being a long skirt that received the name.

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In general terms, it can be said that they made use of animal skins, vegetable pigments, feathers and gold. These last two elements were used.

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Posted on October 18, by Maria Ivars The social class to which an Aztec belonged was distinguished by their way of dressing and their hairstyle. It was a felony to wear clothes of a higher class. The commoners wore dresses made from maguey fibers; only nobles had the right to use cotton, but this privilege could be taken away if they broke the law. The macehual, or ordinary man of the tribe, was uncovered, with long hair, and generally wore a maxtli or loincloth, a cloak knotted over one shoulder, and leather or woven maguey fiber sandals when it was cold.

The women wrapped a finely woven cloth around their waist, which they held with a thin girdle, a sleeveless shirt or huipil completed their dress. The poor made their dresses from fibers or maguey or coarse cotton.

We know that many sumptuous gifts were sent to the King of Spain, and the plume could have been one of them. The Aztecs believed that the art of making these jewels was a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl. Her hair falls loose below the headdress, but with two braids at the back. Married women used to wear their braids tied around their heads and with the ends pointing up, like little horns.

Men and women painted their faces. Wealthy nobles even pierced their lower lip to wear an earring. Such luxuries were not allowed to commoners, but all newborn boys were given a small jade pendant as a good luck charm. Whoever failed to comply with this rule could even be punished with the death penalty. This entry was posted in Society. Bookmark the permalink.

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