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Solidarity Octopuses For Premature Babies: An Unnecessary, Dangerous And Childish Fashion baby octopus.

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It’s actually a tiny octopus coming into the world. A baby octopus was born Tuesday at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.

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Supporters of caring octopuses believe their shape could help babies born early during their time in incubators. In the United Kingdom, Poole Hospital welcomed the initiative with open arms, with the idea that toys could comfort and calm premature babies. The American chain CNN also praised the project, even consulting a Neonatology specialist, Valencia Walker, about the suitability of the solidarity pulpits.

Solidarity octopuses, when solidarity is a risk The introduction of solidarity octopuses in incubators has been vigorously defended by the promoters of this solidarity initiative. Crochet stuffed animals are believed to be of benefit to premature babies based on purported research to date.

The statement, however, is not true. The solidarity aspect of the solidarity pulpits, however, has not convinced the experts consulted by Hipertextual. The specialist considers the fashion of crocheted stuffed animals as "dangerous and sappy, based on sentimentality and lack of respect that usually surrounds everything related to childhood".

The introduction of solidarity pulpits in the incubators of premature babies supposes, in his opinion, an increase in the risk of infection of the little ones. Children who are born prematurely have not fully developed their immune systems, so any minimal risk, which could be fatal, should be avoided. A study published in the journal Pediatrics supports these claims.

Colin J’s team. Morley analyzed 34 toys from 19 children who remained in intensive care units, performing 86 cultures to check whether or not there were microorganisms. On the other hand, Héctor Boix, coordinator of Neonatology Research at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, explains to Hipertextual that solidarity octopuses are "possibly contaminating elements and propagators of infections". The pediatrician, who is also a member of the Spanish Society of Neonatology, points out in a personal capacity that fashion means "totally unnecessary risk".

Since the premature "they are very delicate children with many complications", it is key to be extremely vigilant in the face of any intervention that is made with them. Credit: Pixabay Vento criticizes that everything related to children is infantilized "easily".

An opinion in which another pediatrician also agrees, José María Lloreda, who wrote a highly critical article on crochet dolls. It is not true that dolls help premature babies. Premature infants are currently treated as authentic ICU patients given their serious health condition, which is why it is necessary to be especially careful in their care and handling. Also in Hypertextual.