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Baby: The Misunderstood Netflix Series

By day, Chiara is a promising student at one of Rome’s most select private high schools. At night, Chiara leads a scandalous secret life.

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This Italian series based on true events narrates the experiences of two young people from Rome who defy social conventions in search of.

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Baby. | 16+ | 3 seasons | Youth TV series. Fed up with their families and their classmates, two teenage girls from the posh neighborhood of Rome.

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Baby is an Italian drama television series that premiered on November 30, 2019 on Netflix. The second season premiered on

You do not know these facts about the controversial Italian Netflix production – Baby – Spoiler Time

Baby is an Italian series that focuses on a group of young people from the city of Rome. These young people try to change their lives by rebelling.

Baby is an Italian series produced by Netflix, the first chapter premiered on November 30, , Benedetta Porcacolli and Alice Pagani have with the main characters who tell us what adolescent life can be like when you want to live new experiences or you have never lived them. Kiara is a star student who is planning to go on an exchange to the United States with her best friend, Camilla, and they are both outstanding athletes.

But, Kiara keeps a secret from everyone: she is having an affair with Niccolo, Camilla’s brother. Fabio is Kiara and Camilla’s best friend, son of director Fideli del Collodi, who also keeps a secret: he is homosexual. Camila and Kiara are immediately attracted to him, but they don’t tell each other, and start trying to get his attention.

Camilla and Kiara’s relationship begins to unravel when Camilla confesses to her best friend that she is attracted to Damiano and Niccolo reveals the secret he shared with Kiara. Kiara’s life was monotonous, always trying to be the best student, athlete and daughter, and Ludovica leads a crazy life of parties without many worries, this new life impresses Kiara a lot but the two end up involved in a prostitution ring. But Baby caught me in a way that only Dark had before.

The way in which Kiara and Ludo convey to the viewer the complexity of their lives cannot be seen in other series about teenagers who attend a prestigious school, as in the case of Elite or Control Z, both Netflix productions. Baby revolves around intimate secrets, emotional inconsistencies and traumas. Based on real events Baby’s story is based on a real event of child prostitution that impacted Rome in Under fictitious names the life of Angela and Agnese was reported by Netflix, everything became known when the mother of one of them began to suspicious of the money that her daughter brought home, both were part of a prostitution network that included very powerful Italian clients.

The screenwriter, Re Salvador, stated that it is "a love story, not a prostitution story".

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