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A photo in which the Catalan appears with her back to the camera, jumping into the water, wearing a white bikini with her hair pulled back and her arms.

The face is no longer the key element that automatic recognition systems can use in photos. Not at least in the new algorithm that.

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what’s behind photographing backs? | Jose Bravo

Oscar Colorado. Iván Vega, from the series “Xochitzin” Would this photo communicate the same thing if the subject turned his back on the camera? The.

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There are as many possible meanings of the back and why not, from the fact of looking at them, as there are people contributing theirs. In general, a double symbology is attributed to the back: The back as support, as fundamental support. In this sense, back problems could be related to lack of support, or self-support.

The back as a hidden part, as what we do not want to see, the "shadow". In this sense, back problems could be related to unresolved situations. I am interested, I am curious, what it means for him, his "truth", here and now. I also don’t want to "get up" from the chair knowing it.

So what I’m going to do is drop possibilities… I know that when I photograph I like to leave a space in the shade. A space not entirely discovered. I have always been very curious about the unknown and in this sense, what is hidden usually interests me.

usually seduce me. Well, there is no makeup, there are no masks on the back. Share this:.

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