Back Routine

Best Back Exercises At The Gym Easy And Effective Routines For Lats

I like to leave this exercise for the end of the back routine, which is when the muscles are more tired and the sensations are better.

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The perfect training routine to work your back (and burn localized fat). It may seem like a more complicated area of.

That is why on this occasion we want to stop at marking the main points to get a complete routine to work your back.

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To achieve a good, strong and V-shaped back, write down these that should never be missing in your weekly training routines.

Best back exercises at the gym. Easy and effective routines for lats

Today we are going to get a little "platonic", not because of philosophers, but because we are going to talk about the best back exercises and routines in the gym.

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Therefore you can vary the training objective periodically. Some weeks you can focus on power with deadlifts, another period focus on building back thickness and density, and finally another cycle working hard on back width. Back Power Training 1.

Deadlifts with partial repetitions in the power cage. Place the weight stops just below the kneecap. Try to pull with your whole back and not just your traps, lower back, or biceps. Deadlifts from the ground.

Thickness and Density Training for Back 1. Bent over row, 4 x reps 2. T-Bar Row. Pull-ups, a series to failure to end a large congestion. Back Amplitude Workout 1. Wide-Grip Front Pull-Up Remember the advice given on form, 4 x reps 2.

Wide-grip behind-the-neck pulldowns, 3 x reps 3. Reverse or close grip pulldowns, 3 x 4 reps. Amplitude and density back routine If the back is your lagging muscle group you can try this back routine where this muscle group is worked twice a week.

The first day of the workout focuses on building width with wide-grip movements like pull-ups and pulldowns while the second day focuses on building density with heavy rows. This is an advanced training routine due to the high volume of training. If you have been training in the gym for a year you are NOT advanced, and if you have been training for two… neither. Rests: You must take 1 to 1 and a half minutes of rest between series.

Between exercises you can rest for 2 to 4 minutes, take the opportunity to stretch the worked area well. Weights: The weights you should use should allow you to reach near muscle failure on sets. It would be convenient after this time that you reduce the volume of work of the back, for a complete recovery.

Be careful, this does not mean that the rest of the series are at low intensity, few people are capable of reaching true muscle failure.