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The most beautiful back tattoos for women and their meaning. You some of the tattoo designs on the back that you.

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Many women chose to get a tattoo on their feet, fingers, wrists, ribs or arms. Luckily, the trend of large tattoos is back. The best area of ​​the body to make a large tattoo that is not too visible is the back.

Some people add that the pain in this area is less, and just where it hurts the least is along the spine or on the shoulders. Women have tattooed all kinds of symbols with a personal meaning on their backs.

From roses, butterflies, stars, wings, a tribal tattoo or very small tattoos with phrases and important dates. If you want me to represent you, it must have meaning for you, and be consistent with your personality. Inspiration of tattoos on the back for women We are going to see different tattoos for women on the back, through very feminine designs.

Of all sizes, styles and colors, there are countless flower tattoos that you can be inspired to make a design to suit you. Flowers bring beautiful memories of loved ones, and also symbolize the fleeting beauty of youth. It looks beautiful on the neck, but also in the middle of the back or on one side of it, on the shoulder. Lotus flower shaded tattoos gain depth for a realistic design.

Lovers of the world of Zen and yoga find in the lotus flower tattoo the best inspiration to decorate their body. It has a delicate pink color that mixes with white, through large petals that open little by little over the water. Moon tattoos Among the small tattoos, the moon is the favorite detail of women. This can be a full moon, first quarter or last quarter. Also the combination of all the phases in the same tattoo.

The moon is a feminine sign, and like the lunar phases, women also have their moments throughout the monthly cycle. The moon represents growth and changes throughout life. Bird tattoos A very elegant back tattoo for women are birds. Like flowers, these can be of all kinds. Specifically, the swallows are related to freedom, and it is a tattoo that was widely used among women in the 60s and Like the lion or tiger tattoos, this drawing is highly requested by strong women who have been through a difficult situation. complicated.

The colored phoenix is ​​a beautiful symbol to decorate the entire back or to tattoo one side. With its wide wings and long tail feathers, it covers a large area of ​​skin without being too heavy. Butterfly Tattoos Butterfly tattoos are feminine, elegant, and never go out of style.

If you don’t want to risk getting a back tattoo, choose a simple butterfly design. The colorful motifs that the wings of these insects present can be very varied, from bright colors to delicate pastel tones. Fill your back with various butterfly tattoos as a symbol of freedom, or combine them with flowers and elements of nature.

Ethnic tattoos Ethnic motifs are another of the favorites of women to get small tattoos on the back.