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Bad Bunny’s 6 Most Eccentric Outfits

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Photograph: Getty Images 20 Dec. The singer started from the bottom, creating songs and sharing them on social networks where little by little he began to gain popularity. But it was not until he made Mayores, a collaboration with Becky G, that he achieved his first worldwide success. His success is clear, he has won the Latin Grammy for best album and has collaborated with numerous artists.

From wearing nail art and wearing neon tones, to its wide collection of eccentric sunglasses. Bad Bunny’s style could be considered irreverent, eccentric, colorful and original. If something is certain, it is that the singer is not afraid to risk everything in his outfits.

It has already been said that the singer has revolutionized the look of reggaetoneros and it is not for less. Simply Bad Bunny is a genius when it comes to combining pieces that at first do not seem to fit. Certainly Bad Bunny enjoys breaking patterns and rules; they just don’t go with it. Here are 10 of Bad Bunny’s best looks: Advertisement 1.

Purple Prince Bad Bunny. As we already know, Bad Bunny enjoys combining everything with everything and this outfit is no exception. From his purple suit with floral print, his wide pants, his shiny glasses, his accessories and even his creative cut. Everything in his look makes him a shining prince.

Little DJ Bad Bunny. Elegant Bunny Bad Bunny. The Latin Grammy’s are proof of this. During the awards, the Puerto Rican singer appeared in a rather sober dress suit for what we are used to, but the truth is that it does not look bad on him. Bad Bunny wears all styles.

Fun with Friends Bad Bunny. Everything from the satin print on the jacket to the colorful Bermuda shorts shines with eye-catching eccentricity. To this we must add the accessories that the singer enjoys wearing so much, such as watches, earrings and rings. It is simply about standing out by mixing a little of everything, something that Bad Bunny knows how to do very well.

Neon Lights Man Bad Bunny. It is simply an extravagant outfit with colors that stand out at first glance. The Cyclops Bad Bunny. Photograph: Getty Images There are looks that you just can’t stop looking at. Eccentric wherever you look at it, the singer sports a bizarrely interesting look, especially if we add to this that the rest of his outfit is an aquamarine shirt with a skull print and striped shorts.

Casual Mix Bad Bunny. Photography: Getty Images Let no one say that Bad Bunny does not enjoy using pieces and accessories to highlight his well-known style. In this outfit you can see that the pieces on trend are especially her favorites: jackets with bright embroidery, leather shoes, colorful scarves and ripped pants. Everything in his look emphasizes how much he likes to renew and innovate.

Nothing to maintain the same style. From the Tailor Bad Bunny. The outfit was an elegant gray ensemble consisting of a long jacket and striped pants. If we add to this his white sports shoes and his great charisma, then we get a look that you can’t stop looking at.

Goodbye Heteronormativity Bad Bunny. Limitations just don’t go with your style. Without a doubt, her style was imposed on the red carpet. Coachella Icon Bad Bunny. Photograph: Getty Images The Coachella Festival witnessed a very particular style of dress. Bad Bunny highlighted his spectacular presentation at the Empire Polo Club for the combination of colors such as pink, blue, black and white in a Louis Vuitton outfit along with shiny glasses that covered most of his face and black boots.

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