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Learn about the types of nails you can learn to do for your clients. Acrylic nails They are extensions that are built with acrylic or gel material. Its objective is to create a hard protective layer on the natural nail, allowing to restore or rebuild bitten nails. Recommend acrylic nails if you want to have a long-lasting and perfect manicure for at least two to three weeks. If you want to learn how to put acrylic nails, we leave you a blog especially for it.

Acrylics are very strong and durable when done correctly. To perform this fine and delicate nail technique, you can do it as follows: Disinfect the nails, move the cuticle and remove dead cells.

Glue and cut the prefabricated nail tips to the size that your client wants. File the nail in the preferred way and above it. Apply the first acrylic pearl from the cuticle, towards the body of the nail.

Then bring the second pearl over the free edge until it joins the first. File over the nail to polish it. Apply the desired nail polish and finally massage with almond oil. Ballerina nails Ballerina nails The ballerina nail is a very nice and comfortable style made of acrylic, it is characterized by having a square and slightly pointed finish. To make this style of sculpted nail you can choose different colors or the acrylic powder preferred by the client.

It is an excellent alternative if your client wants them to last around three weeks. Gel nails Gel nails and acrylic nails fulfill similar functions. They provide a lengthening effect to short nails, strengthen weak ones and improve the aesthetics of the hands.

Choosing this alternative is to look natural, although they may last a little less than the previous ones. Gel nails are the ones that least affect the health of the nails, if you apply and remove it properly. However, sometimes some peeling or weakness may be noticed in the days after the extraction. We share a special guide for you to learn everything about gel nails.

To continue learning about other types of acrylic nails and how they work, sign up for our Diploma in Manicure and rely on our teachers and experts at all times. Acrylic nails make the repair of a broken nail and the removal process much easier, however, its strong odor reduces the possibility of being chosen by many clients.

Another disadvantage is that it is very likely that they will look a bit artificial, if we compare them with the effect generated by the gel ones. Its continuous use can cause a thickening of the nail bed and stop nail growth, so try to recommend alternating its use with other types of nails. As a curiosity, porcelain and acrylic nails were the first to be used. Gels appeared in , they were a great advance due to their quality of being odourless, which is an advantage when working.

In this case, instead of a lacquer, the color comes from a pigmented powder. This is a good option compared to gel and acrylic if you are looking for comfort and three to four week wear. When removing, try to leave enough time and acetone to facilitate the process. For example, if your client opts for a shape that helps strengthen her nail, you should recommend a short nail with rounded edges.

Square-rounded nail: curves the edges of the nail to generate a simple effect. Oval nails: if you want a delicate and feminine look, of having long hands with thin fingers, with long nails, the oval shape generates that appearance. Squoval nails combine the length of oval nails with a square outline. Ballerina nails are characterized by long and resistant nails, with a straight finish and diagonal on the sides.

Almond nails are a type of filing with oval nails, ending in a narrow shape and a rounded tip. If you want to have your clients’ nails in fashion, apply these manicure techniques to provide comfort, naturalness and style. If it is your preference, combine it with a type of filing that favors the hands of your client.

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