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How I Made This Photo Series: “Water Balloon Explosion”

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How I Made This Photo Series: “Water Balloon Explosion”

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Well, the movement of water when a water balloon explodes. How the Explosion of Water Balloons Series Was Made Photography can immortalize moments, moments that we are not even capable of fully appreciating with the naked eye. An example of this is the explosion of a water balloon. The moment we puncture the balloon everything happens at breakneck speed. We punctured it and the next thing is the water on the ground. Of course, to be able to do it we must be very attentive, have patience, and make many attempts.

Next we will analyze 3 different examples to discover the secrets behind these shots, and so they can inspire you and serve as an example to carry out your own session with water balloons. They do not need to be expressly made of water. A tap and water to fill the balloons. a sharp object. It can be a dart, a safety pin or a needle. Some tweezers, fishing line and a support on which you can hold the balloon for some of the shots. A tripod to facilitate the work.

And now that we know what we need to carry out the session, let’s learn how the three example photographs were taken. We divided the task, so that she would be the person in charge of preparing the balloons and blowing them up at the right time so that the explosion would come out in the shot, while I adjusted and composed the shot and shot it.

I have said that we photographed outdoors, but before we started shooting like crazy, what we did was look for a good background. The choice of background is very important. We wanted the balloon and water explosion to stand out, and a background with too much information and color was going to defeat that purpose. We carried out several tests with different backgrounds, until we found the one that we liked and that allowed us to have enough space to carry out the session without problems.

At this point I recommend that you do not close the frame too much, because when the balloon explodes the water expands, and if your composition is too close you can lose part of the magic of the shot. Here we could choose between shooting with shutter speed priority mode, or directly shooting with manual mode and controlling all the variables of the shot. We were trying different settings. Well, because on the one hand we wanted the balloon and the water drops to come out clearly, but at the same time if the background was too visible the image would lose its impact.

Otherwise we would have left it fixed. Here I have to say that it is very important to maintain good communication and synchronize with our partner. In this way, and after several attempts, we achieved photos as spectacular as the ones I show you below. Well, throw the water balloon at our model and capture how it hit and broke when it hit his face. sounds gross i know. What we did was launch the balloons with water from two different positions.

Naomi climbed a ladder and threw the balloons at her from above. The lighting remained the same, so we kept the settings we had worked with in the previous case, with a high shutter speed to capture the impact of the water as the balloon burst on the model’s face. This is where we add some of the extra materials that we mentioned at the beginning of the article, such as: The black background.