Banana Cake Recipe

Banana Cake or Banana Bread

puree them.

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DO NOT throw away ripe bananas. take advantage of them! ✌ Follow the step by step of this recipe for fluffy ripe banana cake.

Ingredients g. of sugar (in this case brown sugar, panela would also work) · g. of wheat flour (special pastry type, with a little.

Banana Cake Recipe 6 units of Bananas 2 units of Eggs ½ cup of Sugar (grams) ¼ cup of Milk (60 milliliters) 3.

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We explain step by step, in a simple way, how to make banana cake. Preparation time, ingredients.



So all that hard earned money doesn’t go down the drain. Another idea would be a delicious Bananas Foster, Flambé or Flambée. A sweet bread very simple to prepare and with cheap ingredients. The result, simply spectacular.

Circular molds are also valid. Spread with butter and sprinkle with a little flour. This purée is the one that will give the bread that delicious touch, with a slight sweetness but not too much. Preparation of the cream We sift the flour to avoid small impurities. Add the bicarbonate of baking powder or chemical yeast if you do not have it at home and salt the bowl.

Stir together these ingredients. Mix the softened butter at room temperature and the vanilla essence until creamy. Then add the eggs one by one. We add everything to the previous mixture, we beat it well until there is a soft sponge cake cream. Baking and final presentation Pour the mixture into the cake pan and add the chopped nuts.

It all depends on your creativity. As I mentioned in some other recipe, it all depends on the oven, always check with a fork that it stays dry. This way we will ensure that you do not stay too toasty. Remove from the oven and let cool. Unmold carefully and try it. Another advantage of this breakfast or snack dessert is that it lasts for several days. The preparation of banana bread became popular in the US with the discovery of the chemical leavening agent, which produced carbon dioxide gas in the dough.

The simplicity of this recipe made it one of the favorite biscuits in American homes and later it spread to the rest of the world. By Alfonso López I started Recipes for pacifiers. In these years I have written recipes and books, recorded videos, I have given face-to-face courses and classes in catering schools. And cooking for my family and friends is still my great passion.

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