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Bangs For Winter 2022 | Types of Bangs According to the Shape of Your Face

For this reason, one of the most favorable alternatives and one that will enjoy a great deal of interest is to incorporate bangs into our long.

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Types of bangs: five styles that are trendy this spring/summer season and which one to choose according to your face and hair.

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Bangs that will be a trend in · Open and long bangs · Long or big bangs · French style bangs · Bushy bangs · Glam style bangs.

There are many bangs but your face is unique and choosing the one that best suits YOU is what Updated September 1, ,

▷ Types of FRINGES According to the SHAPE of YOUR FACE for Winter

22/12/ bangs for every face shape. David Dee Delgado. Curtain bangs, baby bangs, bangs for curly hair.

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Especially if you combine it with the mask they have, which is also sulfate-free and toxic-free. And once the foundations for a good hairstyle are laid, we continue talking about bangs. Open and very natural bangs like Katy’s continue to be a trend throughout winter. You see them on television, in magazine photos, posters, etc.

The bangs rejuvenate, no matter what type of hair you have, if it is tousled, curly or straight, the bangs look. Open or curtain bangs We have already seen Katy with this type of open bangs. The queen of , indisputably, Rosalía, shares a very casual photo with open bangs too. That is why it is also called open or curtain bangs. For this reason, long open bangs are very comfortable and recommended if you want to be able to change hairstyles effortlessly.

To fix it well we recommend using foam or soft lacquer. ADVERTISEMENT But to be beautiful and have the perfect fringe you have to take care of it and maintain it well, for this you have to cut it every two or three weeks, otherwise it is too long and it loses its shape. It looks great on any type of hair, long or short, but it is best suited for oval faces.

Above all you should bet on one that is long. If you opt for this type of bangs you have to take into account that it must be completely opaque and abundant so that it covers the forehead completely. Therefore, it is recommended for those who have more hair. This fringe is very flattering for girls with an oval face, although in general they look good on all types of faces.

Straight Blunt Bangs With this bangs you get a carefree and uneven image, you can combine it with long, short, straight or curly hair. It is usually worn by modern and daring women. The best thing is that you can play with the length and get different hairstyles. Bangs for Curly Hair Curly hair does not prevent wearing a bang, on the contrary, we are going to give the keys to wearing a good bang and it is only necessary to choose and make a good cut and bangs.

It works very well for women with oval and elongated faces, since the features are rounded. And if you give a touch of color and luminosity to your hair, much better, as we see in the following example: In short, girls with an oval face can have several types of bangs since their face cut allows a lot of versatility. The best thing in those cases is a side fringe that is quite dense and diagonal, that goes from minor to major. With it you can play in different ways so cheer up to see yourself different.

An iron is not needed since otherwise it would be straight, it is better in these cases to let it dry naturally. In short, for girls with a long or square face, what suits them best is a type of fringe that reaches the eyebrow. It can be a fringe on the side since it must have enough body to be able to move it from one place to another and thus vary the type of look that is achieved with it, being able to put it on the side or in the middle.

You can tilt it to the side subtly. This makes the face look like a trapezoid, gradually widening from the forehead to the chin. On the other hand, women who have this type of face, it is also better to concentrate volume and attention on the forehead so that we can hide its width. That is why it is best to bet on bangs that are voluminous, such as choosing a long and thick bangs that are combed to the side.

In short, what is tried with the bangs is to obtain a balance in the face, the best is a type of long bangs that has many layers. For a triangular face, the ideal is a long fringe with a parting in the middle and a straight one inclined to one side for square or angular faces.

And in the case of having a triangular face or face, but in an inverted way, it is best that you opt for long bangs as we have mentioned with the bangs for an elongated face. Celebrity Bangs AD It seems that wearing bangs has become very fashionable again this year, although not all of us look good with straight bangs, or one that is too short. Now we are going to look at the famous ones, because they are usually a reference, both for those who want to have a bang this year, and for hairdressers, who always prefer that the client shows them what style they want to achieve.

Nothing better for this than to say: I want Vanessa Hudgens’s bangs, or Reese Witherspoon’s bangs. And as for all of us or at least for most of the girls, they are the benchmark of style, we are going to talk about how they wear it. Since we have mentioned these two actresses, we are going to comment on how they have worn it or are currently wearing it, and incidentally, we will also see their type of hairstyle, in which we can also be inspired to comb ours.

They are like the style of Kate Moss and Brigitte Bardot. The problem with this fringe is that it requires commitment, they look good on anyone, but you have to be willing to style it every day. Michelle Monaghan The bushy fringe with a tousled effect wins over the red hair with undone waves. To remove rigidity and discipline, it was lightened at the tips that fall just below the eyebrows.

In this case, it is a fringe separated from the rest of the hair, it covers the entire forehead but ends just at the height of the temples. When dealing with this type of fringe, we have to be careful to smooth out the swirls that we all have in the hairline on the forehead. The idea is that it tends to open naturally on the sides and integrate with the rest of the hair with movement.

Ideal for those with a wide forehead. Emma Stone The fashionable actress of the moment, everything looks good on her. Emma Stone has gone through a myriad of different hair looks, including platinum blonde, intense brow bangs, and now a shoulder-length red with broken waves and a side part. The current one is a long profiled fringe that is integrated into the rest of the hair so that it does not come off or bother the face.

Although she has now returned to long hair, the hairstyle that has always characterized her is the bob haircut below the chin and with bangs. The actress also wears it on one side, smooth along with the rest of her hair, and because of the smoothness that we noticed, she does not have it straightened with a dryer, but with a hair straightener, because that is the only way to achieve that fineness, here you can see what are the best hair straighteners even for wet hair. This type of hairstyle is separated in the center of the forehead, with a parting in the middle, a little long, straight on the sides and finished in a point.

The young artist knows how well her hair looks when it frames her oval face or rounded features, so long fringes look very good on her, as we see in the image above, even if she wears it slightly open.

Zendaya We have already told you about what a fringe can be for curly hair, and the image above confirms what we already know. That it is not something that is at odds at all. The actress Zendaya has beautiful curly hair, which she always knows how to take advantage of, especially when she wears it as we see in the image above, long and slightly open, so that she can also form it with her curls, without the need having to straighten hair.

Liv Tyler Another actress who opts for long bangs is Liv Tyler, who in fact this type of bangs rejuvenates her a lot. A perfect fringe also for your elongated face type. The best example we have at our disposal is Jane Fonda.

In the image above we see how well this famous actress looks, a simple fringe on the side, without being too marked. A slightly open and curved fringe, which certainly rejuvenates him a lot. Tips for choosing the best bangs for hair As we have already seen, each type of bangs is closer to a type of face, so it is good that before you grab the scissors to start cutting your hair or go to a hairdresser , the ideal is that you can see what your face is like and thus choose the best bangs of all.

In those cases, sometimes it is better not to make a bang, because it depends a bit on how the eddy or frizz is in the hair. Generally, this type of hair needs to be treated all the time with a dryer and a brush so that they look good. Fringe Maintenance If you want to show off well-groomed bangs, you should keep in mind that bangs also need care. To achieve this, here are some tips: Visit the hair salon at least once a month, depending on your hair growth. beauty so they can make the touch-ups you need.

That is why if you are a person with acne problems you should look for a haircut and hairstyle in which there are no bangs. ADVERTISEMENT In this case, we recommend a hairstyle without bangs or a long cut bangs that you can pick up with a clip or in the same ponytail or braid. But if you really like to wear bangs and don’t want to sacrifice them for sport, a forehead band can be a perfect solution.

A fringe in the same style You should also bear in mind that you can opt for a fringe in the same style as your hair or with a different style. For example, if you have curly hair, you can straighten your bangs so that you can have two styles in one hairstyle.

On the other hand, you can also make streaks of one color and wear other colors on your bangs or have your hair straightened and your bangs somewhat wavy. Bangs are perfect for tousled hairstyles Bangs look great on women with wavy or curly hair who can do messy hairstyles. The fringe can cover scars The fringe is something that women with scars on the face should keep in mind because with it we will be able to cover them naturally and show off a nice hairstyle.

A feeling of irresistible mysticism. To do this, we leave you with a collection of articles about it so that you can enjoy the information you are looking for. Remember the advice that we have given you, the considerations that you have to take into account before cutting your bangs and the advice on how to maintain it.