Barbara Mori And Sergio Mayer

The networks are furious with Sergio Mayer Mori for his performance in the remake of Netflix’s ‘Rebelde’

They remember Sergio Mayer Mori’s “hate” for RBD while Bárbara Mori congratulates him for “Rebelde” · The remake of the youth telenovela returned as.

Thanks to her new film project, Bárbara Mori acknowledged that she lived a difficult stage with her son Sergio Mayer Mori, because in her.

At the end of the 90s, the famous actors Sergio Mayer Bretón and Barbara Mori began a mediatic romance that was consecrated with the arrival.

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Sergio Mayer Mori was born on February 7 in Mexico City. He is the son of former Mexican deputy Sergio Mayer and Uruguayan actress Bárbara Mori.

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The controversy of Sergio Mayer Mori and ‘Rebelde’