Bat Drawing

How To Draw A Bat Step By Step (+ Coloring)

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With the Halloween celebrations getting closer every day, we have decided to propose a viral challenge in which some terrifying bats are.

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Learn to draw a flying bat step by step. Step 1: Draw a circle. How to Draw a Bat Step by Step. Photo and art: Margherita Cole |.

How to draw Bats ✍ |

You want to decorate your room for Halloween? You want to draw bat silhouettes? Enter this article and we will teach you how to draw a.

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Please note that the neck of the bat is not visible. The head passes immediately to the trunk. It should not be small, because it is the main organ of animal orientation in space. The ear resembles a leaf, it is pointed from above. On the right side also draw the second ear. Without feathers, they are like stretched skin. The wings draw, starting with the torso. On the wing draw thin bones that help the wings keep their shape.

Draw the other wing in the same way. From the base to the body we draw two legs. Draw his fur. Also add round eyes, eyebrows and nose. Choose the appropriate colors for the ears, eyes and smile. Choose how you want to paint.