Bbq Ribs No Oven

Plain Ribs With Barbecue Sauce

Put in a pot.

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Once it boils add salt to taste and let the water dry.

Discover this recipe for barbecue ribs or ribs with This is one of the many recipes for barbecue ribs without oven.


BBQ ribs are a delicious snack. Did you know you can make them without an oven?? This homemade recipe will help you achieve it easily and.

These great Cooked BBQ Ribs are worth it…

It is also true that we have the vast majority of ingredients at home and the Meat is found in a butcher shop and is inexpensive, maintaining a magnificent quality of freshness, which is very important because when we try it freshly made, we see that its juiciness means that we do not use the knife. I have also put in the recipe annotations of some ingredients that although by name are strange, if they are found in the foreign food section in the supermarket.

In particular, the Chipotle Chile, which we need in a small quantity to make the Sauce, comes in a small bottle and is worth buying, because the rest of the Chiles are put in a glass bottle and stored in the refrigerator for a long time. There are Mexican Recipes in my book that take it and believe me, its flavor and itching is special. It is very important to prepare having all the ingredients at hand and having a few hours of time for it to be a successful preparation.

Spread with the help of a kitchen brush, on all sides of the ribs, use all the product to macerate, leave for an hour in the refrigerator. We salt and pepper and let boil all this. We mix continuously and turn off when it begins to thicken. In a cauldron or large thick-bottomed pan where the Ribs fit, put the Meat with a couple of tablespoons of Oil and over high heat, and seal for a few minutes on each side, until it browns well.

This should completely cover the ribs. Cover with Aluminum Foil and turn the heat down. We cook at least one hour on each side and uncover at the end. We carefully remove the meat to a bowl and let the sauce cook for a while longer, allowing it to thicken. then we serve.