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It is the most freedom that is experienced on the beach. wide brim straw hat . custom hats.

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How do I know my hat size?? What is the importance of sun protection in women’s beach hats? Which are.

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PROPOSALS MADE IN MEXICO TO USE THIS SUMMER, IDEAL TO DRESS IN THE CITY OR ON THE BEACH. The rainy season begins but that does not mean that.

We have a selection with the best women’s beach hats to wear this summer and protect yourself from the sun even if you have.


How to choose a women’s hat. With the arrival of the hot months, trips to the beach, excursions and outdoor walks are.

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The main benefit of a sun hat is protection against solar radiation, which is harmful to the skin. Square face The width of your forehead from temple to temple is equal to the width of your jawline from ear to ear Soften it with a fedora. There are many materials used in the manufacture of beach hats for women. Each of them offers different features and benefits. The material does not fade. Polybraid Durable polyester fiber strands are intertwined to form a braid and then sewn together to create the Polybraid Hat.

Crush resistant, breathable and ideal for travel. Cotton A breathable and sustainable material ideal for making bucket hats. The first step in finding the right fit is to accurately measure your head and refer to each brand’s size chart. To know your head size, you need a tape measure. M: Corresponds to about 57 cm. G or L: Corresponds to about 59 cm.

S G or XL: Corresponds to about 61 cm. When we refer to sun protection factor, we refer to the degree of neutralization that a hat or any garment has against UV rays 1.