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Beach Hats: Which Is The Best Of 2022?

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Therefore, it is important that we know everything about hats before purchasing one. Be sure to read the shopping guide that we have prepared to help you with this decision. Sunbathing is one of the activities that many people choose on their vacations. Protecting yourself from solar radiation is of the utmost importance. And not only on the skin: the head is a delicate area that we rarely take into account. Therefore, wearing a beach hat is essential if we are going to spend several hours in the sun.

We have to keep in mind that we do not protect our hair, so solar radiation affects us without remedy. Also, the hat not only protects our scalp. There are times when we don’t usually buy hats because we think they don’t suit us.

Therefore, there are a series of guidelines related to our physiognomy that we should follow when choosing a hat. We leave you some of these guidelines so that you can follow them easily: Tall people. It is recommended to wear wide-brimmed hats with some movement, avoiding those with a small brim. Large-complexioned people.

Round face. Another way to avoid accentuating the roundness of the face is not to wear hats with a rounded crown. square face. Here, it is best to choose hats with wavy and even uneven brims. Oval face. Although taking into account that the width of the brim should not exceed that of the shoulders.

elongated face. For people with this characteristic, the best option is to wear a hat with a rounded top and a large brim. We only need the following: A basin with cold water A brush with soft bristles Detergent or mild soap A towel The first thing to do is wet the hat. It is important not to use hot water to avoid damaging the material or discoloring it. We will clean it with the brush and soap.

We will rinse it again with cold water and remove the excess with a towel, without exerting force or crushing the hat. Stuff the inside of your hat with underwear, scarves, or wrinkle-free clothing. You don’t need to push. Use only those that fit easily. Decide how you want to place your hat: up or down.

It doesn’t matter which way you put it. The important thing now is that you surround it with rolled clothes not folded to secure it. It is advisable to carry the hat in the suitcase that you take with you and not in the ones that you check in. In the middle of the summer season, many trends emerge when it comes to beach accessories.

There are real wonders in shop windows and magazines. However, there are times that these models do not fit our budget. You can paint them: Going from a beige hat to a white one is a matter of a moment. You could even make your hat look like a multicolored donut. Glue a string of small pom poms around the brim of your hat.

Or use the ones with fringes to put around the cup. In your trusted haberdashery they will surely have all this type of beads. At this point, we recommend that you use flat tape to shape your message. But who says a flower, says feathers, shells or coins.

You can use decopauge even on your head: there are real wonders made with this technique. You can order your initials embroidered on the hat. There are some aspects to consider to make a good purchase and here we leave you a few to take into account.