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The images of the participants in the ‘Escenas de Asturias’ contest of EL COMERCIO.

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DOVE teams up with GettyImages to create image bank that highlights natural beauty

Three-quarters believe that such content exacerbates "beautiful privilege", giving certain advantages to those who are considered stereotypically attractive, as it shows a narrow and outdated idea of ​​beauty. the doctor. The study also found that 21 per cent of adults have felt judged for dating someone who doesn’t fit stereotypical notions of beauty, with 27 per cent admitting this has affected their decision to date them.

And 65 percent have missed opportunities because they don’t fit the "pretty" mold. It also emerged that 63 per cent admit that their mental health has been negatively affected, as a result of beauty biases that make them feel inferior 57 per cent or due to insecurity and doubt about their own appearance 42 per cent. Sandra Wheatley, to help dispel beauty biases and combat social privilege.

It has developed after 56 per cent of adults admitted they have previously allowed looks to influence their judgment of another person. Sandra Wheatley: Accept who you are. It can be hard work trying to be someone you’re not.

Cognitive dissonance makes the distance between a lie and the truth feel uncomfortable, so channel the energy into believing in yourself. Your appearance is irrelevant to your worth, if you so decide. Focus on the positive aspects of people’s personality over their appearance. Remember scarcity does not equal value. The belief that scarcity creates value is limited, especially in the dating game.

choose to be brave. Trust and love are earned, so to get them you have to give them and that requires courage. Choosing to be brave is a powerful psychological action. So be brave, take control and show your potential partners that you are worthy of a healthy and happy relationship. Create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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