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‘YOU’: The 5 Season 2 Theories That Fans Are Talking About

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, a serial killer and Mooney’s bookstore manager who stalks and later dates Beck in the first season.In the second.

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Beck is a fictional character, from the series You, produced by Netflix. He is played by American actress Elizabeth.

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In "You", Guinevere Beck (played by actress Elizabeth Lail, in She is Stalked by Joe Goldberg.

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It’s Beck: Just as Candace is alive even though Joe left her for dead, writer Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) may have.

‘YOU’: The 5 Season 2 Theories That Fans Are Talking About

One of them is the You series, which taught us that ‘love’ can When Beck discovers everything Joe has done, he decides to deprive her of her freedom.

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Mooney and Nick are the loose ends that are being speculated about for the next season January 31 of Hello, Candace. His main argument is that we did not see his death on screen. In our case, what we wanted was to tell the experience from Beck’s point of view. That is not to say that we will not see Elizabeth Lail playing her character again, because we already know that Joe has frequent hallucinations. Joe is directly responsible for the state of Mr.

Mooney Source: Netflix During the season we saw several flashbacks of Joe’s childhood that did not leave Mr. In the present, Joe takes Beck to Mr. What some users have thought is that Joe is literally responsible for his current condition because he knew so much about him. What some fans of the series have thought is that Mr. Mooney was the one who helped her escape. Be that as it may, we will solve this soon because the arrival of Candace was the cliffhanger of the season.