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Beckett: Olympic Champion In Inconsistencies And Coincidences

Beckett on Netflix. Beckett Netflix. You thought that Christopher Nolan had fully exploited the athletic potential of John David.

Netflix premiered on its platform the new film by actor John David Washington, "Beckett". If you like thrillers and.

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Netflix has released Beckett, a new action thriller film by John David Washington (Tenet), the award-winning Alicia.

Discover all the information about the premiere of Beckett 2 on Netflix! what is the release date? Is a sequel planned?

Beckett 2: What is the premiere date on Netflix? Is a sequel planned?

That is the question that gives life to the plot of Becket, the new Netflix film by John David Washington and Alicia Vikander.


Fragility from the script From the first minutes of the film, Cito Filomarino begins to build Beckett’s story with foundations of gelatin. A tricky premise that grows based on coincidences and inconsistencies. All together, they give the viewer the feeling that the Milanese director is a shellfish who demands many concessions from us and then gives us very little in return.

The pacing of the movie works. As soon as the chase starts, the tape doesn’t give us a break. Predictability Becket Image courtesy of Netflix Ferdinando Cito Filomarino is capable of creating the initial suspense necessary to keep us hooked. The fact of not knowing why John David Washington is persecuted generates in us the necessary curiosity to advance through the Greek landscapes hand in hand with its director.

That is the best asset of the film but it is not managed with intelligence. The filmmaker shows us the cards too soon and from there, everything becomes predictable. Far from criticizing Filomarino’s intention, we applaud it. It is commendable that a director without international experience and with only one feature film under his belt Antonia. We cannot delve too deeply into the political plot that surrounds the film without revealing important parts of the story.

In summary The Italian director Ferdinando Cito Filomarino builds a fast-paced political thriller in Beckett. A story of conspiracy and persecution that catches you from the beginning. The best of the film, an Alicia Vikander who gives us a character loaded with truth in her few minutes on screen. Against him, a mystery solved too soon in the footage and a story that is constantly showing the seams.