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Becky G And Sebastian Lletget: The Good Rhythm Of A Couple

The urban genre singer has declared that Lletget is not only her boyfriend, but also her best friend. Credit: Becky G | @.

The singer celebrated three years of relationship with her footballer boyfriend and made him more in love than ever, so much so that after a message in.

She likes them older and handsome: Becky G’s attractive ex-boyfriend who This is how the love story between Becky G and her sexy footballer boyfriend was born.

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On a sentimental level, it seems that things are going great for her, and the reason is none other than Sebastian Lletget, her current partner. They already have two.

Becky G and Sebastian Lletget: the good rhythm of a couple | THE VIEWER

Rebbeca Marie Gómez, better known artistically as Becky G, is one of the most powerful women in the urban genre. the singer of

Becky G Biography

Born on March 2, in Inglewood, California, American singer Rebbeca Marie Gomez comes from a Mexican-American family. Becky G, who had two brothers and a sister, found out she had another half-brother when she was 18.

Becky G, who had financial difficulties and difficult moments with her family when she was only nine years old, began living in her grandmother’s converted garage when they sold the house. Becky G, who has been working in acting and dubbing publicity jobs to support her family in financial matters from a young age, said that when she was nine years old, she realized that her family and herself had to make a living and that I had to sing.

Before her solo singing career, Becky G joined several girl groups and did professional initiatives, and after a while she began to record her own songs and sing raps on the Garagaband program. The artist, who began to share songs on the YouTube platform making versions of popular songs, began to be noticed in a short time. Having experienced the true shine in her career with the song Oath that she sang with Cher Lloyd, Becky G rearranged and sang Kesha Die Young’s song and played a major role in the recognition of these two works.

Becky G Facts When she was young, she did some part-time jobs to provide financial support for her family. He knew he wanted to sing when he was 9 years old. To do this, he also managed to have small-scale stage experiences. Becky has two brothers and one sister.

Some of the jobs Becky G worked on were acting and dubbing in the advertising industry. Luke in Becky G is a songwriter and singer. He has written songs for Cody Simpson and Cher Lloyd. Worked with Will. Am for the animated movie Hotel Transylvania. In April , "Shower" was released and was a huge success, climbing to number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Becky G. Becky G is currently with her lover, the professional soccer player Sebastian Lletget.