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280+ Saint Bernard Names

Here you will find more names for dogs of the Saint Bernard breed! Beethoven; Gumbo; george; Brutus; Rocco; magnum; King; Samson; Hulk; Boris.

Do you remember Beethoven?? Not the composer, the dog on TV. In this article we talk about the famous Saint Bernard dog breed.

Two children’s movies from the 1990s, ‘Beethoven’ and ‘Beethoven Although this breed of dog needs to eat enough to maintain a healthy weight.

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It happened with Lassie and the Collie shepherds, with Beethoven and the Saint Bernards, with Game of Thrones and the Huskys and with the Dalmatians with their movie.

Saint Bernard – Temperament, characteristics, behavior, origin

Human George Newton from the movie Beethoven) knew what it was like to deal with large dogs when he had his San.

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Behavior of the Saint Bernard

Since its inception, it has gained the popularity and sympathy of the people, since the monks of the Hospice of San Bernardo raised them to help and rescue travelers lost in the fog and snow. The crosses of the Alpine mastiff with other breeds such as the Tibetan mastiff, the Newfoundland or the Great Dane were defining what would later be called Saint Bernard, and which is very similar in appearance and characteristics to the Pyrenean mastiff and the Great Dane. Swiss Mountain Dog.

Even soldiers from Napoleon’s ranks met them as they crossed the mountain walk, thus spreading the breed’s fame throughout the world. It was not until when they began to take notes on the breed and its characteristics, defined through the best specimens used in reproduction.

It was from this moment that the Saint Bernard became the national dog of Switzerland. It is a well-known breed throughout the world, but its characteristics have meant that it has not spread or become popular in the same way as others. Despite being an affable and charming dog with humans, its large size makes coexistence in big cities difficult, and also in the countryside there are other breeds that better meet the needs that peasants may have.

For these reasons, the Saint Bernard is always valued as a good dog, but it fails to become one of the pets par excellence. Characteristics of the Saint Bernard If there is something clear about the Saint Bernard, it is that it is a dog that never goes unnoticed.

They also highlight adorable and expressive eyes, full of tenderness, a wide nose and drooping ears forward. It is not uncommon to find a giant Saint Bernard, with a strength and energy that can sometimes be difficult to control. Coat of the Saint Bernard The coat of the Saint Bernard is long, smooth and silky, although its length and strength can vary depending on the area where it lives and its genetics. Behavior of the Saint Bernard The temperament of the Saint Bernard is characterized by being very affable and good-natured, it is kind and sweet with people, tolerating any type of game and always attending to the needs of its owners.

He is very calm and knows how to control himself in the face of most stimuli and conflictive situations and has a balance in his personality that is difficult to match by other races. Saint Bernard working dog The Saint Bernard was especially valued in ancient times as a working dog due to its ease of being trained, its predisposition to help, and its physical characteristics. On the other hand, these same characteristics are the ones that can set limits to some of the tasks to be performed, so it is essential not to exceed the type of work and orders that are entrusted to you.

At this time it was highly valued as a rescue dog for people, although it was also used as a guard dog. At present, the efforts in their training are aimed at having a balanced and obedient dog, with which there is no physical battle, because the reality is that almost any human would be at a disadvantage compared to an animal that weighs an average of 90 kilos. Main diseases of the Saint Bernard The Saint Bernard is not a sick dog, but it has a predisposition to certain conditions mainly due to its large size.

You may also have hip or elbow dysplasia, entropion, epilepsy, dilated cardiomyopathy, cataracts, or allergies. Although, of course, it all depends on the specimen and the type of life it leads. Feeding It is very important to pay attention to the feeding of the Saint Bernard.

Exercise The Saint Bernard is a high-energy dog, but physical limitations that do not allow him to perform high physical exercise on a daily basis. Moderate walks are the best option for these animals, letting them rest for a long time after each outing and avoiding feeding them until after a while, as it could favor stomach torsion.

Education The education of the San Bernardo is relatively simple if it is done from a puppy. The painting became popular thanks to the taste of Queen Victoria I for the painter, so that today everyone associates this image with the Saint Bernards. They take their name from the Great Mount St. Bernhard, where the monks founded their hospice and bred watch and guard dogs. They do not tolerate heat very well due to their size and fur, which is why they are especially recommended in areas with cold climates and mild summers.

The life expectancy of these dogs is about 10 years, they are not especially long-lived, which is mainly due to their size, although it depends on the living conditions of the animal. Saint Bernard.