Belinda And Jared Leto

Jared Leto Goes Away With Flattery Towards Belinda

A year ago Belinda was surprised to reveal that she is a great friend of Jared Leto and they were even seen interacting in some live broadcasts.

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Belinda and the internationally famous singer, Jared Leto, met in a live broadcast, a moment that the actor also took advantage of.

What are the most attractive signs

Through a live broadcast made by the singers, Jared Leto did not miss the opportunity to praise Belinda’s talent.

Video: Windowing. Opening and seeing Belinda in a live with actor Jared Leto is not something that happens in fact, for dozens.

Jared Leto fulfilled a challenge that Belinda asked him, and this video proves it! | Glamor

It is no secret to anyone that Belinda and Jared Leto have had a great friendship for some time. However, everything indicates that the famous actor has fallen.