Belinda And Maluma

Belinda And Maluma Shamelessly Flirt Live

Since the sentimental relationship between Belinda and Christian Nodal was uncovered a few months ago, the couple has not ceased to surprise, because.

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Colombian singer Maluma made a controversial comment about Belinda and Christian Nodal during a live broadcast on networks.

The singers Belinda and Maluma met in , when he was a coach for La Voz Kids Colombia and she was one of the guest artists. I know.

After several years of their famous romance, Maluma and Belinda had a virtual meeting in which the good chemistry they have.

Belinda and Maluma got super flirty on Twitter | you online

This Thursday, April 2, Belinda and Maluma reappeared together (years after they were romantically related) and everything indicates that yes.

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During a live chat through Instagram, they hinted that there is love between the two.