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All About Belinda’s Beauty Line, Tharaa. fashion. The new makeup line launched by Belinda alongside actress Renata Notni.

Since yesterday Tharaa Cosmetics x Belinda and Renata Notni is now available, a new makeup brand that already has its first launch of.

Belinda will launch her own makeup line with Renata Notni | Glamor

Belinda and Renata Notni promote a new makeup brand designed for Latin women.

Belinda’s morning beauty routine

Pinterest Binary data 20 bytes, use -b option to extract Belinda, the name alone evokes a successful reference. This artist has grown up in the spotlight and has now become an icon for different generations. She has sung, acted, has been part of altruistic causes and is a woman like all of us when it comes to taking care of herself: look for and use only what is good for her. She is part of Secretos de Belleza: a Vogue México platform, in which different figures share their beauty tricks, while celebrating their individuality.

In it, the Mexican singer Belinda shows off her great style, as well as the lessons she has learned over time. Content This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. Through this episode, we realize that Belinda knows that at the end of the day, it’s what’s on the inside that matters. Yes, your beauty comes from within, but also from how you take care of yourself on the outside.

Let me slowly reveal to you why. Belinda’s morning beauty routine Anti-dark circle patches Aloe hydrogel patches, Holika Holika brand She is all of us when we want to erase puffiness in the morning. That is why he resorts to some anti-dark circles patches to avoid this detail.

That is why it is seen with this product. Caudalie Eau de Beauté Face Mist Belinda knows that for skin to look radiant, it needs to look and feel hydrated. That is why the final touch of her skincare routine is found in her facial mist, she frequently resorts to Caudalie’s referred to as Beauty Elixir. This one has rosemary, mint and soothing rose oil: its formula is inspired by Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, who owned one with grape extracts, which was said to allow her to prolong her youth.

She also uses it to even out the color of her face, so she applies a little where she sees redness or even on the tip of her nose, to brighten this part. Making up the eyebrows doesn’t do much good if we don’t brush them, so having a product that gives them a touch of color and defines them, is a must not only in Belinda’s beauty set, but also for us.

His technique is to brush them upwards, from the beginning of the eyebrows, define the arch gently and then focus his attention on the final part. Another trick worth noting from Belinda is the way she applies it to her nose, in a very subtle way, to evoke a sunkissed effect, without resorting to bronzer. The secret to long, hydrated eyelashes Explosive Mascara by IM For Belinda, this lies in a supermarket mascara with nourishing oils.

This oil is one that moisturizes the eyelashes, promotes their growth and leaves them perfectly curled. Lipstick with a brush MAC lipbrush She reapplies the lipstick she used as Mac Velvet Teddy blush, only instead of applying it directly to her lips, she prefers to use a fine brush.

She just takes a little bit of color and spreads it evenly, then touches up where she feels it’s needed. Illuminator Ambient Lighting Powder by Hourglass She admits that this is a product that she uses on different parts of the face, in order to achieve a natural glow that brings a playfulness to the face. I am very honest, I say things as I feel them, as I think them and thus there are never misunderstandings.

This has to do with our actions and our feelings, because after all, they are a reflection of the soul. Belinda’s unexpected entrepreneurial advice Without a doubt, we can admit that we want to own our own lives and start our dreams.

The singer has confessed that she can stay for hours looking at the moon, which even inspires her to compose. The truth is that this has had a captivating effect over time on artists, it is natural that Belinda succumbs to it. Belinda is part of No Filter. Get to know this new project on our YouTube channel CNX Belinda is a woman who, like all women, expresses herself through makeup and takes care of herself through products and advice that apply in many aspects.

Although without a doubt the big surprise was her freckles, we do not doubt that there are many things that we can take from all these lessons.

Belinda and her easy makeup routine to start the day – Beauty Secrets – Vogue Mexico