Belinda Nails

They destroy Christian Nodal and Belinda for brand new nail design together

Through stories in Christian Nodal, the nails that Belinda did especially to show off her love and that is that they are engraved.

Wereverwero's Girlfriend

The singers Belinda and Christian Nodal celebrated with a lavish evening. They also mentioned Belinda’s nails, in which she had.

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Through her stories of Belinda to her followers the design she chose to decorate her nails and to the surprise of many.

Christian Nodal boasted that he went to do his nails together with his fiancee Belinda and sparked controversy.

White nails as a trend among celebrities like Belinda and Kylie Jenner | fashion

Belinda shared that a new nail design had been made, in which her hand could be seen where she wore a design in pastel tones.

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