Belinda Nodal Tattoo

Christian Nodal Posts A New Tattoo And Belinda Shows It Off

In red and with a heart below, Nodal decided to take the name of the pop singer’s second studio album, Utopia. Belinda didn’t let.

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Belinda and Christian Nodal continue that their love is true. Through social networks they showed their new tattoo.

Christian Nodal has been tattooed on several occasions in honor of his fiancee (Photo: @belindapop) Belinda).

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Belinda and Nodal are one of the most famous couples of the moment. And, like some of his exes, Christian Nodal has gotten tattoos in.

What did Christian Nodal tattoo in honor of Belinda? VIDEO

other tattoos. Nodal already had his crush on Belinda with other tattoos. A BELI next to his ear, which was made a.

What did Christian Nodal tattoo?