Benefits Of Eating Celery

Celery Juice for Diet: Benefits and Contraindications

Helps to lose weight, due to its satiating effect.

Properties of celery · Diuretic and depurative · It is healthy for the heart · It helps to lose weight and improve our diet · It is digestive · It helps to.

It has anti-inflammatory qualities, so it relieves diseases that cause chronic inflammation such as lupus, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis.

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Fiber reduces cholesterol levels, by absorbing the excess in the intestine and contributing to its elimination.

Celery Juice for Diet: Benefits and Contraindications – Step To Health

5 correct ways to consume celery and take advantage of all its benefits Reduces cholesterol "bad" and triglycerides It is an anti-inflammatory.

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Main properties of celery

The rest we can take one hour before each meal. What we need first of all is a little imagination so that celery is the regular seasoning in our diet. Here are some simple ideas that can help you: Salad with celery, chickpeas, raisins and pieces of green apple.

Celery and carrot cream. Smoked cod with celery and apple. Baked Celery Style Fries. Salad of celery, cucumber, tomato, dried plums, chicken breast and pepper sauce. Pumpkin and Celery Quiche. Hake soup with celery and onion.

Zucchini cream with celery and turkey bits. Chickpeas with leek and celery. Baked trout with lemon, celery, carrot and white wine. Mushroom soup with celery and apple. Now, it is interesting to remember that both the leaves and the seeds of this vegetable are edible and beneficial. Therefore, go ahead and combine them in your salads or soups. Next, we explain everything you are going to notice in your body after a few weeks.

The celery diet is healthy and these are the reasons why we should start today. For all this, it is a great option to add to the diet when it comes to controlling cholesterol. Flavonoids and polyphenols reduce oxidative stress, therefore, this vegetable is of great help for people suffering from heart disease, arthritis… 3. We regulate blood pressure Celery seeds help regulate blood pressure, as mentioned in the previous study by Ahvaz Jundishapur University.

Likewise, it also provides us with other natural extracts that improve circulation and blood pressure. For this reason, it is advisable to add celery to the diet of hypertensive people. It is diuretic. It is anti-inflammatory. Optimize our digestions. This fact is very interesting: celery seeds have been used for centuries as a natural medicine to combat bacterial infections.

Currently it is best to treat infections with antibiotics and follow our doctor’s recommendations. However, this food can serve as support to fight these infections, as long as the doctor allows it. Although there are no foods that can end this scourge, this study by Dr. That’s why we recommend you try them. you might be interested