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Bella Thorne’s Reaction To Benjamin Mascolo’s Marriage Proposal

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Bella Thorne said goodbye to the year in a secret place in the Riviera Maya and hosted a party where she also gave away $50,000.

Benjamin Mascolo was born in Modena, Italy, on June 20, He is a singer, songwriter and actor. He was part of the Italian duo Benji & faith.

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Bella’s reaction to Benjamin Mascolo’s marriage proposal

Born the same day as Benjamin Mascolo biography Born June 20, in Modena. Another boy, also from Modena, is Federico Rossi. Benji and Fedé meet It is curious that two children, idols of millions of Italian girls and adolescents, met on the Internet, even though they are from the same city.

At the heart of the duet Benji and Veracomo have both said repeatedly, the fact that they say "the same musical language". This contributed to his artistic understanding, which was appreciated by a very wide audience. It is probable, however, that to the aforementioned musical convention, especially among adolescents, other characteristics will be added that have predetermined its growing success. Benjamin and Federico are two boys of undeniable charm, with clear eyes and fascinating blue eyes.

The body is also very attractive to complete a respectable image, like real stars. Most of all though, they have lovely voices. Artistic career Benji and Vera’s career starts on December 10 at 20, In short, Vera saw a lot in her potential and artistic abilities. In fact, Benji went to live for two years in Australia, in Hobart, for study purposes.

This also allowed him to deepen his knowledge of the English language. This can be understood from the fact that he also sings very well in this language. His first videos on Youtube at first got almost views, while in 4 years there were about millions.

The event really determines your luck. On one of these nights, the talent scout Warner Music Italia warns them. This is how the first album by Benji and Fedé appeared. His popularity skyrockets in the summer of Benji and Fede, where they participate in an evening dedicated to covers, accompanying Alessio Bernabei singing a song Mano Mano, Riccardo Cocciante.

Right after they publish a book about themselves, the motivating title is: "forbidden to stop dreaming". The song is among the top ten in the Latin American market. In town we listen to this song and improvise a cover on the beach.

The villagers were stunned. Curiosity about Benji and Fedya Benji can also play the drums. It is known that none of them have a stable romance, and that they do not hesitate to go out with some of their fans. Benjamin Mascolo has created his own fashion line. In fact, both set trends in terms of appearance. Benji Line TPI penguin industry began with the production of t-shirts and mobile phone cases.

The original idea seems to come from a stuffed animal donated by a fan. Her pet is a pink soft toy in the shape of a unicorn. The ideal girl is suitable for both the simple type who does not wear too much makeup, as well as those who dress without provocation.

For the earthquake victims in their region in connection with the Emilia-Romagna earthquake of , they wrote a song. They also participated in a campaign on the relationships of young people with social networks and their dependence on how and comments.

In this sense, they participated in the video clip "iconize" Farewell In February , they announce an imminent separation. I want to get a little word tattooed on the side of my neck. Small, because if not, my parents would kill me. It’s thankful, it means thankful. Then I woke up sweating and found out it hadn’t happened. I always forget a lot. I planted deposits of cell phone chargers in hotels. Visit the full site Aforismi.