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“Berlín” Will Be The Spin-off Of “La Casa De Papel” That Will Arrive In 2023

Berlin is a fictional character from the Netflix series Money Heist, played by Pedro Alonso. A terminally ill jewel thief, he is the professor’s second-in-command and brother.

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Pedro Alonso plays Gallego as his name indicates, he is a Spaniard who lives in New York. Mafioso who deals in drugs and other prohibited things, but.

Andrés de Fonollosa, known by the alias Berlin, is a character from La casa de papel. He is the leader of the gang that plans to rob the National Factory.

Berlin (Andrés de Fonollosa) is a fictional character in the Netflix series Money Heist, "Pedro Alonso (The paper house): "Berlin is cruel.

The paper house: why is the son of Berlin, Rafael, so important? | GQ

A dramatic and costumbrist prequel about Nairobi (Alba Flores) could come out of La casa de papel. We could have a continuation with Rio.

But why did we see so much of Raphael and he didn’t show up anywhere in the present?

It’s an absolute mystery. I guess the planets aligned for something like this to happen. For the fight against the system, in a Robin Hood-style story that is also not in English. Originally, they had presented it as a project at the Spring Television Festival, in Burgos, in March of 2016 and it had just premiered on Spanish television on the Antena 3 network on May 2, 2016, based on the story of eight thieves who having nothing to lose, they raided the Mint to print 2.

See how they spend the fortune they stole. I would design a program to reset the hard drive of all the leaders of the world, and put them to zero. If it had been a gratuitous exercise in risk, I would not have had any feeling that the character may lose his life or that he has a disease that may end his life soon, that character would not have had that draft. And they decided to put us all, names of cities. I was in the Federal District where there is an incredible cultural life.

Suddenly I felt that I had found a certain alignment of information. Lie down and don’t process it too much intellectually.