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Top 9 Exercises To Strengthen And Define The Biceps

barbell curls.

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Best Biceps Exercises 1. Barbell Curls 2. Reverse Grip Pull-ups 4. Hammer Curl (Dumbbell) 5. Incline Curl with.

Dumbbell Curls.

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Incline Dumbbell Curl.

Exercises to increase the biceps – Step To Health

Incline Row With Supine Bra.

Exercises to increase biceps at home

But either way, poor execution can lead to injury, so some precautions need to be considered. The same should happen with the biceps. Likewise, when weight is loaded when doing biceps routines, it is necessary to take care of the position of the wrists.

Injuries are usually caused by flexion movements in the prone and supine grips, leading to hyperextension of the wrists. In this sense, a bad technique, accompanied by an incorrect weight can cause sway compensation.

In other words, this leads to arching of the lower back and hernias and muscle discomfort. To execute it, you must stand and hold a bar with both hands, shoulder width apart. Next act, the elbows are bent trying to bring the bar to the chest and then the arms are stretched. For the movement, the elbows must be kept firm and close to the ribs.

Sometimes, due to excessive weight, a simple exercise like this can lead to poor posture and shoulder injuries due to rolling and arching during movement. Also, the lower back can suffer from incorrect balance during the lift. Curl with dumbbells and prone grip This exercise is similar to the previous one, but the specific difference lies in the way of gripping the bar. For this modality, it is necessary that the palms are facing out, that is, the grip must go out.

With this grip, during the flexion of the elbows, the hands should face the ground. With the exercise the biceps are worked, but additionally there is a work on the forearm. Hammer Curl Two dumbbells are required for this exercise. Each one must be held with one hand and it is important that the weight goes according to the capabilities of each individual. Dumbbells should be held one on each side of the body in a parallel position. Movements should be made up and down at low or medium speed, as if you were hammering.

However, making some variations in the grip is suitable for biceps. For its execution, a supine bar grip is required. Curl concentrated The exercise is practiced sitting on a bench. You should hold a dumbbell and make that same arm rest on the inner part of the thigh.

Next, it is necessary to execute the movement through the flexion of the elbow. When going up, the dumbbell should reach the chest. It is necessary to maintain a straight posture of the back. Spider Curl This exercise is unconventional, but effective.

For the execution, a bench is required where the person must be placed face down, with the backrest at an inclination of 45 degrees. That is, the arms should hang outside the backrest. This exercise for the biceps is named after the total number of repetitions that must be executed in each of the three mini series.

First of all, seven repetitions of the exercise must be done standing, with the shoulders to the width of the feet and holding the bar prone. Dumbbell Zottman Curl Can be done sitting on a bench or standing. The grip of this exercise is dual, admitting both the prone and the supine.

Both integrated in the same exercise. Once seated on a bench, hold a dumbbell on each side of the body with a prone grip and, upon reaching the phase of greatest contraction, the grip changes from prone to supine with a twist of the wrists.

The movement must be slow, avoiding jerks.

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