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Scott Bench Dumbbell Curl.

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Best Biceps Exercises 1. Barbell Curls 2. Reverse Grip Pull-ups 4. Hammer Curl (Dumbbell) 5. Incline Curl with.

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Scott Bench Z Bar Curl.

Standing Dumbbell Curl.

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Open Grip Barbell Curl.

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Eurofitness Trends Top 10 biceps exercises for men and women From Eurofitness and as sports professionals, we want to offer you the 10 ideal biceps exercises for both men and women. One of its main advantages is the comfort it gives to do it, with which several repetitions and series can be done without problems. With two dumbbells, with a straight back and in a comfortable standing position, we raise the dumbbells alternately or at the same time keeping our legs semi-flexed.

It is ideal during these biceps exercises to make a small turn of the wrist when lifting our dumbbell. In this exercise we will work all the sections of the biceps and we will achieve greater stimulation in the entire area. It can even be practiced in the street as long as we have a horizontal bar to hang from.

The objective is to work with the weight of our own body to exercise our biceps. To do it, we simply have to grab onto the horizontal bar above us and with our palms facing our body. To perform the exercise correctly, our chin must exceed the height of the bar.

After that, we will return to the original position thus culminating a repetition. It is recommended, after having passed the bar, to remain on the upper part for a second and then lower gently. To do it, the upper part of the arm rests on the padded part that is under our arms and in front of our chest. The palm of the hand should be facing forward.

Can be done with dumbbells, cable or bar. To do it, we must hold the weight at shoulder height to complete the first part. Later, we will inhale air while we lower the bar or the weight that we have chosen until our arms are extended. From that point, we will return to the starting point. It is an exercise that gives very good results: to perform it, the pulley is placed in the lower part and the rope that is generally used for the triceps is used, making the movement similar to that of the hammer curl exercise.

After adjusting the appropriate weight for us, we will cast our arms forming a letter V with respect to the pulleys. We’ll grab each other by the handles and pull them to the flex. Once at that point we must wait three seconds to return with our arms to the initial position. The knees must remain flexed and our butt out with the arms open. The chest must be kept forward at all times.

We will raise our body by extending our arms and with our eyes forward and our back straight to lower until we touch the ground. We will perform biceps curls with dumbbells but on a decline bench. With this position we manage to increase the work of the biceps obtaining a better performance. We hope that this article has helped you to learn beneficial biceps exercises for you.

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