Big Time Rush Series

Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush was a hugely successful Nickelodeon series that aired from to This show focused on the daily adventures of 4.

Big Time Rush. 1K members 4 seasons 69 episodes. Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia and Logan Mitchell are four hockey players and.

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12 years have passed since Kendall Schmidt, Carlos PenaVega, James Maslow and Logan Henderson the series whose plot followed four best friends.

Big Time Rush is a musical band formed from the classic Nickelodeon television series with the same name.

Big Time Rush – A Guide for the Critical Viewer

Are you a fan of the ‘Big Time Rush’ series?? Netflix will have her back so get ready to rekindle some fun memories.

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Big Time Rush: what happened to the actors and how they look today?

Mar Pons The promotional power of a television network is immense and, for this reason, the big music companies – in this case it is Nickelodeon, a division of Sony Music – produce this type of product to launch themselves to fame or sponsor their groups emerging. Although it has arrived in our country a little late, this is a case, like Hanna Montana or Los Jonas, the main plot revolves around the fictional adventures of real characters.

A product clearly aimed at the teenage audience in search of musical idols. The resources used in Big Time Rush are the same as those seen in its predecessors. The simplistic stories are dressed as comedy and humor is used as the main component. The affected and excessive performances are combined with gags of excessive idiocy. The characters are taken to the limit of the clich├ęs and nothing is believable in this universe of foam board.

A clear advertising spot dressed as fiction. However, it entertains in a light way and provides some positive behaviors such as friendship or effort. Signature: Mar Pons.