Billie Eilish Green Hair

Billie Eilish Says Goodbye To Her Green Hair, Now She’s All Blonde!

Billie’s fans had been requesting a makeover for a while now, but the singer replied that having her hair color green has been a.

Billie Eilish ditches her bicolor hair to dye it platinum blonde. The music star had been wearing a look more in keeping with her.

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Billie Eilish, known to all as the young American artist breaking records and with a garish green tint in her hair.

Billie Eilish changed her traditional look for a more modern one. The singer ditched the iconic green at the roots with black tips to.

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While it is true that Billie did not have platinum blonde hair during adolescence, her natural shade is an ash blonde, streaked with.

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Billie says goodbye to her green hair, now she is completely blonde!!