Birds Of Prey Movie

Birds Of Prey Is Censored From HBO Max For This Reason

Harley Quinn’s acclaimed solo DC film, Birds of Prey, sees her split from the Joker and alongside three others.

Collection that includes: Movie Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn + Additional Material. After parting ways with the Joker.

The Harley Quinn movie is reaping a very positive first reviews.

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Birds of Prey Reviews: A "great harley quinn movie", "funny and violent" that "erase the male gaze" have already come to light.

Birds of Prey is censored from HBO Max for this reason

Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). Cathy Yan., Poster for the movie Birds of Prey DC strikes back. The adventure.

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HBO Max edits a scene from Birds of Prey to return it rating 14

Cathy Yan. DC returns to the charge. The adventure of the famous comic book publisher on movie screens is a continuum of blind shots to see if they can hit the right button, with disconcerting changes in intensity and tone that make it difficult to see a goal in the producer’s intentions.

The humorous tone did not save the film, a succession of irreverent bullshit without enough plot glue to laugh at the joke. It alleviates his identity by rooting out the unnerving Joker, played by Jared Leto, from the equation, so we already win. It conveys the essence of gross entertainment to the viewer, allowing them to disconnect to enjoy the pyrotechnics without embarrassment.

The temporary comings and goings, the clever use of Harley’s voice-over as a prop, give the succession of events a hellish rhythm, somewhat predictable, on the other hand, having the crazy point of view of the former crime princess of Gotham as a reference.

In that sense, the contribution to the script of Chuck Dickson, an old acquaintance of cartoon fans, is evident, adding elements taken from the narrative of the comics, embedded quite successfully in the visual universe of the film. The emancipatory intentions of Birds of Prey are so visible that they are repetitive.

One cannot avoid the prejudices of the comic book reader and the predetermined image that we have of the characters. But, seeing how it works on screen, I withdraw my reservations and understand the revision of these film counterparts to give more packaging to the essence of crazy comedy that is in the background Birds of Prey. Of course, there is a lot of message of female sorority and girl power behind the display of gratuitous violence.

Luckily, the catchphrase doesn’t devour the movie. The big but of all the mess is the unforgivable result in the creation of the villains. If we have to pay attention to that premise that the film is as good as its villains, Birds of prey loses many integers. Birds of Prey is not the salvation of superhero movies or the redemption of DC, but it is strangely free, light, balanced and direct.

With all its faults, I was pleasantly surprised. It advances without brakes, knowing that hooligan frivolity is the best ally. A bit of shameless cinema always comes in handy to reduce intensities, and in that aspect, Birds of prey is a triumph.