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10 Cakes For Men As Spectacular As Easy To Make

Elegant Decorated Cake For Men, exquisite cake decorated especially for them, with French macaroons and assorted chocolates.

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Man celebrates his dogs birthday. Photo/Video Capture. Angelica Espejel | the press. Following the declaration of Pope Francis.

Video: A man’s reaction to receiving his first birthday cake goes viral. The cake had the face of the man celebrated. For.

10 CAKES FOR MEN – The most spectacular and easy to make

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Birthday cakes for men 50 decorated with fondant

Remember that each cake we give away is special for the simple fact of giving it away. Then these 50th birthday cakes for men are perfect. These are the perfect cakes for dad on his birthday because of their simplicity. With a cake like this, it is enough to have a simple meeting between friends and place this cake on the birthday table. By the way, if you don’t know how to decorate a 50-year-old table, we leave you one at that link.

Remember these are concept cakes. So the idea is to create a concept, excuse the redundancy, this one is a barrel with ice and some small bottles of whiskey. As you can see in these cakes for 50-year-old men we find the phrase: aged to perfection.

These types of emotional phrases about age are important in a 50-year-old decoration for men. So your birthday cakes for men of 50 can carry phrases like this without problem. These cakes are common, but the truth is that if the birthday boy likes another drink, another food, a movie, you can make a conceptual cake with what he likes so much. You have to stretch the fondant dough well and then with a special palette that they sell for this, you place the dough on the cake and basically "polishing" with it.

Powdered sugar is used so that the fondant does not stick to our hands, so take this into account. And then we have those cakes that steal all the attention. On top we have an ornament in cardboard letters with the age and name of the birthday boy. Likewise we also have some macaroons that combine with the cake.

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