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Top 12 Tips for Photographing Birthdays

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Dress your children’s party in color, the child deserves that you celebrate the day in a special way. To do this, try to decorate the house with your name made with cardboard.

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Ideas to decorate sober and elegant birthday parties in the decoration of the main birthday table One with many.

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Top 12 Tips for Photographing Birthdays

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In this article we tell you a series of simple techniques to get better photos on birthdays. It is one of those special occasions that we try not to overlook, making our best snapshots. But if you check the results of other birthdays, it is likely that you will always see the same photos, and almost always the same failures. I’m sure it will be very useful. Someone should be responsible for taking the photos. It will probably give you some clue about the checks you need to perform.

Use the children’s perspective Children are very different in height from adults. Play with different positions and focal lengths The first of the positions is the one I just told you about; crouched at the same height as the child. But do not limit yourself to taking the photos from that position.

The important thing is to take photos from different perspectives each time. Try also with various focal lengths. Look for the detail Not all the photos you take can be general views of the party. Don’t stop taking photos of those little details. Be natural and don’t force people to pose for you.

Many people find it uncomfortable and end up forcing unnatural gestures. Plan the photos There are a series of very special photos on birthdays. The moment of blowing out the candles or when gifts are received and opened are two moments that represent the magic of the birthday. The details of the cake or the decoration, the area where the party is going to take place, There are other moments that you can also collect, such as the arrival of the guests.

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