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5 Types Of Highlights And Highlights For Black Hair That Are Trending This Summer

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How to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide

For dark or brunette skin, the best alternative is aubergine or mahogany tones that highlight the warm nuances of this type of skin. red colors.

You have dark brown or black hair? Do you dare to a change of look? Try some red highlights or highlights. You will not regret it.

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The second thing to consider is the production time, and considering that it is dark hair, many.

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Red Highlights in Blonde Hair Without a doubt, if your hair is naturally blonde and you want to make a change of look, your stylist will love you for this change, since blonde hair will not need bleaching, they will only need to dye the sections red. of your hair that you want in red highlights. Red Highlights on Long Hair This style of highlights is the preferred current trend, whatever your base color, red highlights on long hair is the favorite of stylists.

If you have long hair, the options in red wicks are varied according to the thickness of the wick and the presentation on the face. You can choose between strands that illuminate your face, such as widespread strands. All options in long hair are really a sensational style. In this case, we would be talking about a gradient from intense reddish to light or light reddish, without passing to a coppery, brown or other tone.

This one has the peculiarity that the red strands are very thin and usually do not cover the entire length of your hair. Another of the preferred options, if you want your hair not to suffer a color change and damage your hair.

Color gradations towards the ends are recommended. Another point of interest in women deals with allergic reactions to the chemical of the coloring agent used, for them you should always do a small skin test with your minute bleach on your forearm, without forgetting that any unfavorable reaction should be removed with plenty of water the chemical and call your trusted doctor to medicate an anti-allergy if necessary.

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