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Dark Spots On The Skin: Causes, Treatments And Remedies

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Dark spots on the skin: Causes, treatments and remedies

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Melanin gives color to the eyes, skin, and hair. Dark spots on the skin are not a cause for concern and do not need treatment, although people may choose to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. Depending on the cause, people may call some types of dark spots on the skin age spots or sun spots.

In this article, we take a look at what causes dark spots on the skin and how people can remove them using dermatological treatments and home remedies. Share on Pinterest Dark spots are common on the face, shoulders, and backs of the hands. Dark spots on the skin can range from light brown to dark brown.

The color of dark spots can depend on a person’s skin tone. The spots are of the same texture as the skin and do not cause pain. Hormonal changes Melasma is a skin condition that causes small patches of discoloration. Medication Side Effects Certain medications can increase skin pigmentation and cause dark spots.

Inflammation Dark spots can develop after an attack of inflammation on the skin. Inflammation can occur for a number of reasons including eczema, psoriasis, skin lesions, and acne. Wound healing Dark spots may remain after an insect bite, burn, or cut heals. These can disappear over time. Irritation Cosmetic products for the skin or hair can irritate the skin, causing the formation of dark spots.

Conditions associated with diabetes include acanthosis nigricans, which causes darkened, velvety skin, and shin splints or diabetic dermopathy, which people may mistake for age spots. Dark spots on the skin do not require treatment, but some people may want to remove the spots for cosmetic reasons. A dermatologist may offer creams or procedures to lighten dark spots, or in some cases, remove them.

The light targets the melanin and breaks up dark spots. Microdermabrasion During microdermabrasion, the dermatologist uses a special device that has an abrasive surface to remove the outer layer of skin. Chemical Peels A chemical peel involves applying a solution to the skin, which exfoliates the surface, leading to skin regrowth.

Can gradually fade dark spots on the skin. Cryotherapy Cryotherapy is a procedure that involves applying liquid nitrogen to dark patches to freeze them, which damages skin cells. Prescription Skin Lightening Cream A prescription lightening cream works by whitening the skin. It usually works gradually and takes several months to diminish the appearance of dark spots.

Hydroquinone, which is the active ingredient in creams, prevents the skin from producing melanin. Prescription products tend to have a concentration of 3 to 4 percent. There is not enough evidence to suggest they work, and there may be associated health risks. Over-the-counter creams OTC skin-lightening creams aren’t as strong as prescription drugs, but they can still work.

When looking for a skin lightening cream, always choose one that has been recommended by a dermatologist, as some products can be harmful. Natural Remedies Products with certain natural ingredients can help treat dark spots on the skin. Although the studies were limited, the researchers said these natural treatments showed promise in lightening hyperpigmentation. Cosmetics Although cosmetics do not lighten dark spots, they can cover them.

People may consider using a cream-based concealer to lessen the appearance of blemishes. Home Remedies to Avoid People should remember that many of the home remedies that internet sites recommend may have side effects or no evidence of their effectiveness.

Examples include lemon and apple cider vinegar. There are no studies to support the claims that these treatments work. In some cases, untested treatments can aggravate skin.

For example, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery does not recommend lemon juice or abrasive scrubs, as these methods could make dark spots worse. Many contain ingredients that can harm skin or general health, such as mercury or steroids. Anyone can develop dark spots on the skin. For example, hormonal changes during pregnancy that can cause melasma cannot be prevented.

Treat skin conditions, such as acne, that can lead to inflammation. Avoid sun exposure between 10 a.m. It is important to talk to a doctor if any dark spots on your skin: appear suddenly.