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Yellow, Green, Brown, and More: What Does the Color of My Mucus Mean??

Meaning of painting your nails black. You will NOT believe it, there are those who used it as a witchcraft ritual to protect themselves in the.

It is characterized by an innovative style and the constant search for the ideal colors for each season. SPECIFICATIONS. height cm. Width cm. Thickness.

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The possibility to find the specialist in any city and to register for a manicure. Yellow and black nails on our website.

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Black and white nail art. Two primary colors that are present in many decorations and that together are a design classic. Let’s see some.

The color of snot: what does yellow, green, brown and others mean

Create bold looks with OPI black nail polish! Available in Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine, GelColor and Powder Perfection.

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Black, white, brown, blue, gold and silver colors are trending this year. Dark enamels, especially black, are imposed alone or combined with gold, silver or white, creating a contrast that stands out. Although everything fits in the design, its application together with iridescent or brilliant glitter is also another winning option, without a doubt.

The entry into the nail market of new technologies and materials that are used in the production of colored acrylics has promoted the artistic creations of nails, whose designs combine various shades, materials, stmaping and even rhinestones.

But how to make them is my gift to you. Cover the entire nail plate and let dry. With a fine brush draw a thin band around the nail with a black lacquer. You can use, if you have and wish, special templates and make all the lines and drawings you can imagine in black and white.

Apply a black gel polish in two layers and let dry. Then take the gold glitter and apply it only to the top of the nail. It is one of the fashionable black nail designs. Black gel-lacquer is very suitable for those who have a short nail plate with a round and square shape. Complemented with jewelry or tasteful jewelry, it is a success. Cosmic nail art with black nail polish rocks. The interest in the subject was reflected in nail design and laid the groundwork for a new trend, that of cosmic nails.

Draw a galaxy on a shiny black background with blue, purple, white and green colors. Black nail designs with chess pattern, another winning option. Apply a black lacquer. First create the boundaries of your mosaic. Then paint each segment in different shades, such as black, dark gray, and light gray. The mosaic can be large or shallow. You can also opt for the geometric figures that come already designed and are placed on the acrylic. How are they: Chrome or mirror.

Chrome plating can be done on any color. It’s very futuristic. Red painted nails are still in force. Of course, each and any of the designs mentioned here can be done on all the nails, on one or several, combining results. However, always remember that beauty is not due to the nails, hair, lips, skin… by themselves, but rather the result of the harmonious combination of each element that makes us up, including, above all, those of a non-material nature such as the values, feelings, education, courtesy, spirituality… which, after all, are what make us human in constant growth.

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