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Decorated Black Nails: Ideas To Inspire You

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Very elegant black and red nails. Fun black nails with colorful flowers. Nails decorated with black, white and yellow nail polish.

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Those of ✓ DECORATED BLACK NAILS ✓, acrylic, matte, with gold, with red, In this model what stands out is the mixture of black with an enamel.

❤ Decorated Black NailsIdeas to Inspire You

Just apply a black and white nail polish as in the photo, let it dry and then trace fine crossed lines in contrast to the base color.

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And if not, look at these nails. This combination is perfect for clothing, makeup, decoration and of course nails. Combine the elegance of black with the passion of red and get nail decorations as impressive as the ones I show you below.

A black manicure lasts a short time, as soon as a small corner of chipping, the whole hand is horrible. It shows too much. That is why black gel nails are a good option, because you will be carefree for many days of your hands. The color remains intact for weeks without fear of a nail spoiling your nail design. That is why I am showing you these models of decorated nails, because I know that as a result of these, you are going to create an infinite number of different styles and drawings.

And by the way, if you’re not very handy with nail art, don’t worry. There are stickers and stamping kits that make the job much easier. Imagination plays an important role in nailart. You can also be inspired by red, blue nail designs or original French manicures. Share on Facebook.