Black Outlines

you have dark eyes? Use These Techniques To Make Them Stand Out!

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Generally, black or brown tones are used to make it look super discreet. Choose the best eyeliner for you. Remember that outlining your eyes.

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"With a beveled brush we blur to create the ‘eyeliner’, we do it with that same pencil and drag it from the outline itself".

you have dark eyes? Use these techniques to make them stand out! –

The colored graphic outline, but also in black will be one of the most important makeup trends of , that’s why we leave you.

Outlined and leftovers to change your look instantly

If you want a simple makeup for black eyes for the day to day, follow these steps: Start with a clean and moisturized face. Apply a BB Cream, a tinted moisturizer, to your face. Something soft and ideal for every day. Make a simple thin line in black -with liquid or gel eyeliner-. Line the water line of the lower lashes with white. Then, only on the outer part of the eye put a little blue eyeliner and blend well.

Put on a soft pink blush, and a lip gloss. Evening makeup As said before, use bright colors for the night. The eyeliner suits you very well if you extend it from the contour of the eyes. It is important that you do not wear red, white and green tones or highlighter as they do not favor the color of your eyes.

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